Sigma - How to make him an off tank

Nerf duration of grasp 2 seconds ———> 1.5 seconds

Reduce Experimental Barrier Health 700 ——-> 500

Increase Regen rate 80 ——-> 125

Reduce shield recall cooldown 2.5 seconds —-> 1 second

Want to see what you think. I prefer sigma as an off tank. He might need some all around nerfs and buff in certain places to make him less of a staple that can be played anywhere.

I prefer they make DoubleBarrier composition heroes vulnerable to Dive(I.e. Sigma/Brig/Bap/Orisa).

Then increase Orisa and Sigma barriers up to “Reinhardt tier”.

Otherwise Plat and below Tank usage will be even more strictly “Rein or Lose”.

That’s what I was thinking too. It’s complicated, but I just think they need to slightly reduce CC so spam comps can’t just sit back forever and not get punished. It should be as easy as Rock-Paper-Sccissors; however, Dive should have a good chance against Spam.

Basically, just powershift brig from stun and repairs to brawl and sustain. Some change to Accretion. Maybe 20% more knock back but more stun? I don’t know

We shouldn’t want him an offtank because then permanent doubleshield. Make all.shields main tanks, with exploitable downtime or whatever outplay potential. Then solo shield can be standard. I want sigma dva AND dva rein

People should look more into the healing than the tanks themselves.

I think him being a main or off tank is a preference. Double shield isn’t even close to as dominant as people say it is. There’s a reason it hasn’t been played in OWL or contenders for around 5 months.

I think just giving him a very weak barrier with high regen allows him to be a frontline presence while not making space. Blocking key dmg but not spam like Orissa shield

Wish they reworked rock to function as his current Barrier.

It blocks damage as it’s formed and as it flies. Obviously taking damage lowers the rock’s attack and knock back as it starts to break apart. So the Sig player has to decide to use rock as an attack or as a shield.

You can fill the slot of Experimental Barrier with Something more Gravity related. Maybe a push field that forces opponents from not getting close to him or something

Relatively straightforward.

Make it so that unmatrixable CC/Peel is almost exclusively owned by offtanks, and for all knockbacks that aren’t melee based revert them to how they were in 2018.

Experimental Mode – Hero Balance January 2021