ShudTheBlub - Crashes on Launch

same here, recommended troubleshooting does nothing to resolve the issue. unable to play 2 days now…

Hey Shud,

Most frequently the cause of this is an old Razer software bug. You can find the fix for that here. If you’re still having trouble after this troubleshooting, please generate a text copy of your DxDiag using these instructions. Once you have that made, open the file. Copy the code below, then copy/paste everything from that DXDiag file between the rows of tilde (~) marks where it says “DXDiag goes here.”

DXDiag goes here

If the file’s too large to submit, you can upload it to a file hosting site like pastebin and post the link in the code above instead.

worked like a charm! many thanks for your help especially on a weekend :smiley: