Should there be a ping system?

Do you think it could work in overwatch?

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Devs said they like the idea, but it’s visually kinda spammy.

I figure they could do something similar to how Torbs turret is indicated while in-front, and a small icon moves around the bottom of the screen when it’s behind you.

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Would be great, a very useful feature. I recall something like this in WH: Vermintide and Borderlands 3. Even though we played those with voice chat with friends, the pinging system was very helpful indeed.

To refuse pinging on the grounds of ‘visually kinda spammy’ sounds like a very poor excuse for laziness.


I think it’s potentially going to cause information overload. The last thing you want during a team fight is to have everyone pinging different targets and possibly even screaming over their microphone.

It’s good to have voice communication in Overwatch, and I think that’s all we really need. A ping system will wreak havoc on the community.

I saw a post somewhere that OW2 devs are testing it.

It seems pointless in Overwatch when everything in game has a set location anyways and we have no mini map to target locate.
I think players would just spam certain things over and over to troll. Like nonstop ping the other sniper to mock your sniper who keeps losing the widow match up.

I would like to see a few more call out binds. Maybe left/right, go go and reset or something. Then again just use voice chat. Do we really want endless “Left! Left! Left!” spammed by a player for 1/2 the round?


I believe that it was mentioned in the BlizzCon press interview that they are experimenting with the idea again, but there are no definite plans at this time. Originally, Jeff Kaplan did say this earlier in the year:

Pingin does not necessarily need to be with an ability to mark ground spots: pinging enemy heroes, when a specific figure gets a highlighted outline, even if only for a certain very brief period of time, already is a tremendous help to promptly communicate something like “that’s their main support, our first main target”.

Though from here we could speculate on the necessity of different of types of heroes-targeted pings, i.e. “current primary target for elimination”, “for zoning out”, “for constant pressure”, etc., which could be coded with different body-outline colours and icons, similar to raid marks n WoW.

The problem is with the amount of Chat spam the game already has spamming “I Need Healing!” or “Thanks!” every time someone dies. I can only imagine how bad the same people spamming Pings on people’s screens would be.

It would make a great ability for a support. I wouldn’t want everyone having access to it though.

when your ability is to mark something on the screen…I can almost promise that that character will be the benchwarmer

So you’re assuming this hero would have one ability only? Okay. :upside_down_face:

Isn’t there an article saying that they are developing that in OW2?

With OW2 and OW1 clients merging into one singular unit next September, I think we are getting a ping system for me.

I just don’t know how that would works.

It would add to the visual clutter, isn’t entirely necessary, and quite frankly it wouldn’t work for the console versions since most chracters use just about every button on the controller. Only the left stick click and left d-pad are open for most.

The game already has a lot of clever audio queues for things.