Should Storm Arrow be able to headshot?

headshots. and unless you’re standing still or just running in one direction, it is absolutely easy to dodge…

So I guess any hitscan doesn’t take skill then either?

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So here’s your logic applied to something else in OW, such as Brigitte due to her being the “new it” thing. If they replaced shield bash with an even better version of it, less cool-down and more damage, you’re saying you can’t complain about it because they wanted the change in the first place? That’s not how this works; Blizzard has shown time and time again they don’t listen to the community, and even if they do what they change typically turns out worse (either over-buffed or over-nerfed) than it originally was.

they’ve shown they do listen. they removed scatter based on listening. even said so. they just didnt make hanzo a joke character.

Then they didn’t listen well. People weren’t complaining about Scatter arrow because of its sense of RNG and complete randomness, they were complaining about its ridiculous burst damage. So now they replaced it with an ability that although doesn’t deal as much instant damage, has a much smaller cool-down, an extremely larger damage potential, and a greater ability to be spammed.

they probably did listen to that too. those people mustve been wrong.

is it harder to hit those headshots or to stand still like a beacon with the hitbox the size of Canis majoris???

Storm arrow is pretty unbalanced, this is an evidence, but I think that headshot it’s ok. They should only lower the damage to 60 and make him shooting all the arrow consecutively after pressing E. The real problem isn’t the potential burst but in fact that he can manage it. A sniper should NEVER have a mid/low range so flexible ability.

That doesn’t make it exempt from being OP. I don’t see how one shots have counter play.

You know, McCree can deal 840 damage if he gets all headshots, and without any kind of cooldown!!!

OMG, nerf McCree!!!

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Yes aleast make it so it cant headshot

Hanzo is jumping through an Orisa shield into an entire team of enemy players?

Nobody is dealing with this magical fairy Hanzo huh? Not even Orisa herself.

I didn’t know Storm Arrow is so powerful! Forcing the entire enemy team to stand still and wait for Hanzo to finish!

Better nerf it.



Sigh, another thread like this. I’m just going to quote myself from another similar thread.

Hanzo full charge shot takes 0.5s charge with a RoF of 0.5s. This means that it takes 1.5s to take 2 fully charge shot. Each charge shot deals 125 dmg, critical at 250dmg. What does this means, it means withing 1.5s, Hanzo can do 500 dmg within 1.5s.

Now this is the idea you guys are trying to pass off. Storm arrow does 6 fully charge shot within 2s, 3 arrows within 1s. Each arrow doing 80dmg with no critical.

Now for the comparison:

1 Fully charge shot in 0.5s is 250 dmg with Critical

3 Storm arrow shot in 1.0s is 240 dmg with Critical

2 Fully charge shot in 1.5s is 500 dmg without Critical

6 Storm arrow shot in 2.0s is 480 dmg without Critical

Lets not forget, this is under the assumption you’re spraying Storm Arrow like a noob, and not properly aiming each shot like any decent player, making full use of the 8s duration to maximize its usage.

So you’re asking to nerf the still to the point where it’s slower and does less damage than hanzo’s basic full charge arrow?

A more practical suggestion is something like reduce his storm arrow damage to 70, increase his arrow pool to 9, and have it spread across 3s instead of 2s to unload everything in the quickest time possible. If you’re still dying to a 3s spray, there is no hope going for you, that is your problem and not hanzo.

Fine by me. McCree is weak, lots of DPS are really weak right now. You have over half the roster as DPS heroes and only a handful are even viable.

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considering widowmaker with her main weapon…and that’s hitscan. but hanzo as a projectile hero gives the option to move erratically, jump and dodge. he’s still not point and click insta-death, and pretending he is does no good.

I feel like maybe it the storm arrow should be nerffed a little. At least maybe on console side where it really does just feel like a spam attack. I tend to play on Xbox and most of the time I’m a Mercy in the back to middle of my team healing them when a Hanzo gets behind us. Not everyone uses mics which means less help and if I turn to take care of him myself I find myself riddle with arrows and dead after getting two head shots on him. Then dragons go off and half my team dies and some blame me for not healing them by spamming the heal me line.

Except the Blizzard Employees/Developers specifically stated Scatter Arrow was INTENTIONALLY used for Tank-Busting, but was misused on squishier targets.

“More consistently dealing his old damage” + “Increased mobility” + “Less frustrating than fighting against Scatter Arrow”

Those are nitpicks of the comment I just gave you. He was always meant to Tank-Bust, I just can’t find it right now as I’m leaving relatively shortly.

It’s like none of you ever read the Blue-Posts or Dev Replies…



I’m so tired of Winston and Dva in my face. Tired on a spiritual level. Tired as a concept. Tired like an old meme.

It feels so nice to finally kill them after MONTHS of being jumped on.

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It’s basically the Planted ability from Sha Lin in Paladins. Even his new lunge seems inspired by Sha Lin’s Withdraw ability, except that he leaps backward and gets stealth for 2s.

The difference is that Planted and Withdraw work better over there, because card loadouts (including which Legendary is chosen) can enhance either ability and tweak it a bit.

Honestly, I expected a little better from Blizzard. They’ve always copied from other games, but not usually so blatantly.

Eh, hanzo is way overtuned but easy to fix.

Drop SA damage 25% or so, and penalize his movement 30% while he’s in it to create a window of vulnerability while he’s trying to spam-murder you.

His lunge and the new sonic arrow are great, and the SA will be fine once they tone it down a couple notches. It just hits too damn hard right now.