Should Blizzard not try so hard to release unique heroes in terms of abilities?

I’m sure it’s getting very difficult to come up with unique heroes that function differently from every other hero. They might end up developing really OP heroes if they keep trying to have unique abilities. If they can keep pulling it off then I’m still all for unique heroes. If not, then I personally would be OK with heroes being a lot more similar as the roster expands. Not everyone will agree though so I want to hear your thoughts.

Well, overlapping damage heroes, and overlapping healing heroes isn’t really much of a problem.

The real problem is overlapping BarrierTanks.

And I think I got a fix for that.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

I feel like the newer heroes are a lot more complicated than some of the older ones

It can be done right and it can be done poorly
Baptiste is an example of too many gimmicks ruining a hero

They kinda have too, otherwise we will get a dps, with the hitbox size of tracer, speed of lucio on speed amp, dps of a pharah ult and health of a roadhog. :grimacing:

Yes, we need more overlap in order to fill niches that certain characters have a monopoly on, and there needs to be more available playstyles and depth added to the roster.

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The heroes they’ve been releasing have ALL been OP. But we adapted and learned to deal with them, and now they’re manageable for the most part. Having unique abilities pushes the envelope onto you to learn new ways of dealing with a new hero, and keeps the game exciting. What i have a problem with is heroes who have TOO MANY abilities, like Doomfist and Echo - they can completely mess up 2 of their abilities and then still kill you with the 3rd ability… most heroes don’t have the privilege of being able to mess up 2 abilities and survive, because most heroes don’t have 3-4 damage abilities. Having too many tools in the toolkit is very cheesy imo.

I agree, I feel like one damage ability is enough for heroes, the rest should either be mobility, cc/trap/sleep/hack, or heal/shield/damage reduction, but they overload kits and created ability primary heroes instead of giving them a different kind of primary fire. They then nerfed the one hero that could control these heroes, so that they stay viable and overwhelming.

They get a little too married to their design motif’s that they’ll introduce abilities/mechanics that lead to frustrating game play. I appreciate it for the most part, but I actually wanna enjoy playing the game after the initial reveal excitement fades.