Shop, battle pass and currency in-game not working -(FIXED)

After the most recent update my game is having several issues. Both currencies display as 0 in-game, when I know I have 1090 overwatch coins and some overwatch credits. The shop in-game will not open displaying a message every time I click it “The shop is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”, and has a loading symbol next to it on the home screen continuously. And lastly, nothing in the battle pass will display properly, I can click to see the items on each level but otherwise each level shows 3 loading dots continuously. I have tried restarting my pc, reinstalling the game and waiting several days. Nothing works. Please help as I was looking forward to the new event and this seasons battle pass.

EDIT: I found another forum suggesting VPN could be the problem and I forgot that my boyfriend got Nord VPN since the last time I have played. I shut it off and everything immediately started working in-game!