Shin's Ashe/Brigitte Experimental Opinion

Hello! I just wanted to speak about the most recent experimental card and my opinion as well on the following changes made on it and this isn’t said to expect anything from it I wanna make a post about my thoughts…

I think its good to nerf Ashe’s dynamite but not by nerfing the cooldown.
What I think would’ve been good is instead of nerfing the cooldown to nerf the burning effect:


  • Burning Effect Last 4 seconds instead of 5
  • Maximum Burn Damage from 100 to 80

Yes Dynamites have a large amount of value for Ashe overall but In my honest opinion by always looking to reduce cool downs of skills it’ll make the game feel slower pace which is why I would recommend this change instead.

I have to say I strongly disagree with removing the armor gain from Brigitte Repair Packs. Instead of removing it completely I would suggest the following:

Repair Pack

  • Duration of Armor reduce from 5 Seconds to 3 Seconds

This makes it so Even if they get armor they have a short amount of time to do something with it


  • Armor is applied after 4 seconds of health pack healing duration.

This makes it so the target has to have more than 1 Repair Pack used on him in order to obtain armor


  • Max Armor Applied Per Pack is 16 and caps at 50

This overall nerfs the total amount of armor able to be applied per target by a lot and they have to obtain all 3 Armor packs in order to gain the full 50 armor

or (and i know this one would take a little more time but just a suggestion)

  • Repair pack Now Contains 2 levels according to Target’s healing duration
    Level 1: 3 Seconds - 25 Armor
    Level 2: 5 Seconds - 50 Armor

These are just to ensure applying armor is still apart of brigitte without her having to use her ult but requires more resource for her to achieve it.

I think this adjustment to her shield health is fine with the pro’s and cons being weighed out.

I just wanted to address again that this is just an opinion since I just don’t think Brigitte’s ability to give armor without having to use her ult should be stripped away as it is something that I think is a good design to the character. (Just to inform I don’t play brig nor like going up against her but feel this change is too dramatic to be honest)

If I am blinded on somethings that you wanna mention let me know I don’t mind being educated, or if you want to share your thoughts let me know I just needed to let this out for once and had free time to do so.

I’m very open minded and would like to hear more :smiley:

And if you made it to the bottom of my Patch Rant Thank you for reading <3

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Well put! I hope the developers read this! :smile: