Shield Bash hitbox reduced again

Does anyone know how significant this is?


Meaning If i play genji to counter a bastion, I wont get hit when I’m 5 feet over her head, stunned, and knocked the eff out by her flail? Dude I’m stoked.

The vertical hitbox has never been larger than her shield tho.

It’s an exaggeration bud.

Best play it on the safe side Blizz, just remove her from the game until you’re sure! Don’t worry, we can wait for you to fix it completely before you put her back in. We wouldn’t want the game to be unplayable and buggy after all!

Because God forbid bug fixes.

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Isn’t that supposed to be her shield hitbox nerf?

I wasn’t against it. I just asked how significant it was. Most people don’t even look at bug fixes, so if this was a big change people need to know about it.

Her Shield Hitbox nerf was already in. This was just a bug that allowed it to get larger again.

People probably wont notice a difference tbh, although I am amused it takes them no time to sort out a hitbox wider than Briggs shield but it took since freaking launch to actually get Genji’s hitbox to fall in a more reasonable line :stuck_out_tongue: