Severe FPS Issues


I am experiencing severe FPS issues. I used to be able to get 130 - 144 FPS easily. However, I am now dropping to as low as 12! It can’t even consistently stay above 50 FPS.
Troubleshooting I have already done.

  • In the middle of this I also installed new RAM and updated the BIOs. This appears to have made things possibly worse, but the problem was preexisting.

  • Ran DDU and updated drivers

I have run DXdiag and am trying to include a paste bin link but it isn’t working (says I can’t post links)
The pastebin code to add to generic address is below.


Since you have Razer devices, it sounds like the behavior mentioned in this pinned thread:

Thanks for the quick reply. I was hopeful. However, that did not resolve the issue. I uninstalled razer synapse and installed syapse 3. No luck.

Did you reboot and also hunt down those files they mentioned?

Can you please clarify? Do you mean the instructions for Razer Black screen issue?

The only instructions under the FPS section are the ones you described. It says if you no longer have the device to follow those steps, but I still have the device.

Thanks again for your replies and patience.

Unfortunately, when you run the uninstaller it does not remove everything.


These files are often left behind and will continue to cause issues.

I tracked down all of those and deleted them. Just to be sure, I also followed the " How to perform a clean installation of Razer Synapse on Windows" from razers website as well.

The issue still exists. :frowning:

The only other issue I see is an abundance of RAM usage errors. This could be issues with too much running in the background, the RAM itself, or overheating.

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Thank you again for your help. This last comment put me on the right track. my CPU had gotten knocked out of place and I didn’t realize I was idling at 90 degrees C. Correcting that solved the problem and it was your last comment about possible overheating that made me start investigating it.

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Glad you got this sorted :smiley: