Seven more weeks until Hero 28, or not?

Please go look up her teasers and reveal trailer. I’m not wrong.

She was revealed late February, then released on Live late March.

Brigitte was revealed Feb 28, and was added to the game after the usual PTR period

I don’t think Hero 28 is there more importing thing to Do right now I think they are focussing on reworking Torbjorn and Symetra before putting Hero 28 on the game

I assure you I am not wrong but I’m at work and I’m not going to dig up every new heroes’ release date to show you the pattern.

Okay well I am talking about release dates, but your point makes mine even more valid. When will the silence end on Hero 28? Something should come in the next 3-4 weeks then.

Pretty sure they have a big enough team with enough cash to splash around to work on multiple things at once.

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The hero was revealed in February, not released. Two different words, my friend.

Tru tru

Very very low skill floor but pretty high ceiling

I just think it’s extremely weird to refer to the next hero’s Live release date when talking about when they’ll show up opposed to their reveal date. By the time we get to their release date, we’re plenty accustomed to who they are and more or less how they play from reveal trailers and PTR play and all of that.

I mean, yeah, Blizzard gave us a hint on Hero 27 (Brig) months beforehand, but it hasn’t been that way for every hero.

Moira had no hints at all: yeah, post-reveal we found out she was in the Masquerade comic, but not a soul knew who the hell that was or their relevance until we were told. Orisa didn’t have any kind of hints up until like a week prior her reveal.

They very well might wait for ~a week beforehand to give us teasers for Hero 28. Like I said before, it’ll probably be in a month tops, unless they change stuff up on us.

Gonna go on a limb and say hero 28 will be Doomfist’s brother Doomfeet. Master of kicking. Pew pew pew!!! Or kick kick kick???


I would imagine it to be the case with the reveal being late June/early July.

We’ve had a couple of small hints that Hero 28 is coming, but nothing major.

From March 30th:

And from April 18th:

I agree they need fix and balance the game…

Orisa and Brigitte got hints but they were during the week of their release. Obvious hints don’t come until the hero is about to go onto the ptr.

do we not? HLC remake and lijian updates ;);). Its far fetched maybe, but could be a valid “hint”. Wouldnt be the first time that blizz gave us very vague hints.

You mean Sanjay right!? :wink:

Please God no, balance what you have first.

New heroes can provide balance!!! Haven’t you guys watched Star Wars???

I’m going to be so disappointed if the next hero has a low skill floor. I want something difficult to play. I want to feel like i’ve earned my victory.

Please no new hero, most of them made the game significantly worse, not better.