Servers freezing and closing mid-game

The entire server froze, everyone is complaining in chat while the screen turns black. We’re stuck like this for a minute before the server just closes. Has happened twice this morning and despite having ping issues before, there was nothing wrong with my connection this morning.

General chat was also saying the same thing was happening to them.


Think it was American servers, b/c Aussie servers are fine.

Had a game where 9 of us got pulled out (myself included) and 3 people (including my aussie friend) remained.

this just happend to me .
game was tied 3-3 heading into overtime. As soon as game starts (were in attack) someone/somehow we get disconnected 3 people from the game. we instantly crashed and were on timers (suspended) this is really unfair, i was leading my team in everything except healing. why would i leave the game!!! again we were force-able crashed from the game.


This also happened to me and a lot of people in general chat are pissed right now bc the Dc’d too


Just wanted to pop in with an update on this! We are aware of a major drop in the player base for PC, Xbox and PS4. It appears to be recovering but our developers are looking into this issue to figure out what occurred here!

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I was hit with a 20 hour competitive ban and a loss in SR when the crash happened despite rejoining the game after the crash. Can this be fixed?

I wish we could get out SR back

Same thing happen here everyone could talk for a little bit but they couldn’t walk forward or backwards and than the screen went black and the only way of communication with people was through general chat and everyone there experienced the exact same issue. Lost 50 SR on this bulls this is not fair get your stuff together.

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We offer a sticky post that explains our stance on the penalty system Here and how to provide any feedback to our developers on improving it. Customer Service is not able to adjust lost SR or penalties applied to an account.

I got kicked and rejoined myself, won the game but still had the -50 SR penalty applied. Can nothing really be done?