Servers broken?

8 kids still stuck in a flooded cave but we’re out for blood over disconnecting from a video game


you think we should log off and try to find them ?

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Working nowwww :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Confirmed, back up. I’m in now.

I am back online as well. Hammond must be back in his cage.

I too have recovered and logged back in. AS A FRIENDLY REMINDER, until Blizzard gives the all-clear, please avoid Competitive Play. There is a chance things can act back up and penalties cannot be reversed.



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I just got suspended from competitive due to failing to connect to the server? I thought they were fixed? I just lost about 50 SR???

Please UNTIL they say, okay… we good… Don’t play Competitive.

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What a joke. ---------

Just got out of a QP game where we were lagging so bad i was somehow death spectating while my characters was walking around… O_O

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Got into a game but, it was far worse than not getting into a game. 600+ ping…

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Will we get our SR back? I just lost ~30 SR because of this when my team was winning the match. Really upset and disappointed right now.

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It seems like that lag hit everyone bc I just got it too

I would hope so, since this isn’t scheduled.

They wont give SR or endorsement back

For your information…

The Singapore Server is literally unplayable (at least until 1 am Singapore Time yesterday) we were being booted out of QP, Competitive, Arcade, even Custom Games. I reached my Career High yesterday at 2922 and was looking to play more competitive, luckily I just stopped playing Competitive as soon as I got booted out if the first game.

The Singapore servers are already giving us high latency and so much trouble because of some Under-Sea cables getting damaged. Now I always get 90+ ms latency on an average day, was about 65ms last year. So please at least fix this asap because we love your game.

It seems to have calmed down now

This is stupid. It’s not like it’s our fault.

So basically what they’re saying is “Sorry, but we’re not sorry. Deal with it.”

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