Server side disconnect

Pretty annoying.
I rarely have issues with disconnects.
Its one thing that I lose SR over it, but that I also get suspended for 10 minutes and Im sure my team mates who don’t know if I left or disconnected will now report me.
It even popped up and said “something went wrong on our end” and wouldn’t let me log back in. My internet was just fine.

I get that there is an issue with people just leaving games, so they apply some form of punishment, but pretty crappy that this was on the server side and I lose out SR and time to play.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

If it was the connection with for authentication, that’s gotta be a one in a million thing. If it’s a problem with the game server itself, then all other 11 people also likely got DC’d and nobody’s gonna report you.

And yeah the suspension sucks, but it’s only 10 minutes. Not really the end of the world.

you’re absolutely right.
It really doesnt happen often at all. 10 minutes isn’t long, was just annoyed at the moment.
I probably could have waited 10 minutes before posting my original post and I would already been over it.
A bit of an overreaction on my part.

If that is in the BattleNet app launcher, it could be something with a disconnection. I need the error code with that message to give you a better idea.

First, you have to understand that a connection to a game server goes through a series of network hubs and computers before reaching a “game server”. If a game server itself ever crashes, you would still be connected to the lobby server and you would have received the message “Server closed due to an unexpected error” and in that case, you don’t lose anything.

If you are getting kicked entirely from the game client, that is something going on outside of the game server, and yes, penalties will apply. It can be something between the game server and your own connection. It is frustrating, but if it is happening frequently you might be able to trace to where the problem is happening by running a WinMTR test.

Thank you for the information. Sorry I don’t have the code. I just saw your response now and this happened a little awhile ago.
I was just having a moment of being stupid and overreacting over nothing. Thank you for your reply though.