Server problem cause disconnect and sr drop

As I am playing overwatch competitive for usual, the server just simply lost connection with no wifi problem and cause me disconnect from the game and need to restart for a long time. When I am back, the game is done and I lost so many sr because of this. Can someone give me some advice to deal with it?

If you are disconnecting frequently, you should avoid playing the Competitive Play modes and work to identify any disconnection issues. Start with this guide if you have not already:

Please note, penalties and skill rating deductions will apply for all disconnections as it counts as leaving the game. Details on this policy can be found here:

Thx for the reply. It is a lot better, but I didnt do anything to troubleshoot it idk if it is the server prob or my prob, but I have 1 more weird thing happens today is I play fluently today but without any alert or something when I play competitive it suddenly turn my screen to overwatch loading screen but turn back like 10 secs, so may I ask is this something I can fix or just cant fix

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