Server error upon Summer Event update

I was playing comp, when the game gave me a server error. I got kicked out of the match, affecting my SR. Worst of all, we were winning the match!

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Same here :frowning:

Please stand by. Blizzard is investigating and working to resolve the issue:

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same here…me and two others of my team and two of the enemy team got kicked out in the middle of a comp game at about 8:20 pm… my SR :sob: and I could not get back, because I had to patch and now I’m in queue

Same here, got kicked out right at the beginning of a comp match. Lost around 80 SR and got a deserter penalty.

Please avoid Competitive Play. Penalties cannot be reversed! Details on this policy is found here:

Bit of a lesson. Don’t comp for a few hours or more after a patch.