Server disconnects

In the last week ive had three disconnects unrelated to my internet connection and witnessed a fourth disconnect that did not affect me. The servers keep going down and randomly keeping people out of games sometimes in mass quantities where it becomes a 3 v 4 just because five people got kicked from the servers. This is all in competitive so over the past week ive lost around 200 sr and been banned twice for something that i cannot control. Please fix your servers Blizzard I dont want to stop playing overwatch just because of server issues that result in lost sr in bans. I understand that this is late on the day right before server maintenance but this should be a huge issue and it takes my enjoyment out of the game. Just please fix it or change how you monitor disconnects.

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Tried to play a couple of games before sleeping. I was disconnected and given the error “Connection lost to game server” and sent back to the menu screen.

Yes I got that too. Half the players of a competitive game just were dropped including me. We could still use global chat for a few seconds after clicking the rejoin game in main menu but it didn’t let us go back to the game. It happened last week and I am waiting for answer from support. This forum is called Technical Support but they are not supporting anything. I lost endorsement, SR and got a 7 minute penalty. As I do not agree with any penalties for issues that obviously were blizzards fault, they need to revert the penalties/losses. I will not play until they resolve this as they can just go check my last played game.

I’m here to help if anyone wants to troubleshoot their disconnection issues, but as far as feedback about SR loss/leaving/disconnection policy, that should be posted in the Competitive Forum.

Blizzard doesn’t award SR back to players, so it’s best to figure out what is causing you to lose connection before you return to competitive play.

I’m getting random disconnects as well. I already got banned 10 minutes from comp play and Blizzard hasn’t addressed any real solution or follow up.