Server disconnection mid-match

I have been disconnected from the overwatch server, several times in a middle of a comp match. I lost SR even though my team won. Please fix this issue asap. It’s super unfair too me

Disconnections always fall at the responsibility of the player, so there is nothing to fix. You can find Blizzard’s stance on SR loss/penalties pinned in this forum:

If disconnecting is very common, stop queuing for Competitive modes where penalties can apply. Instead, troubleshoot the connection issue before resuming those queues.

Now, wait a minute how is it my fault. I don’t have an internet issue.

I’m playing a match and it all of the sudden disconnects me for no reason. I have nothing to do with it. I don’t just up and leave the match. It just flat out disconnects me from the server out of nowhere

Then I have to totally reboot the game. I don’t appreciate you accusing me.

It may not be something on your computer, or even your local ISP hubs. Instead, it’s probably something on the pathway between your ISP and Blizzard. If the server went down, the match wouldn’t exist and all players would exit the game’s lobby.

The #technical-support forum only offers troubleshooting, which requires a Looking Glass or WinMTR (pinned here). We can take a look at a report if you provide it here.

However, if you have feedback on the penalties applied for disconnecting, you’d want to post that in the #competitive-discussion or #general-discussion forums, since developers do not monitor this one.

I am a forum volunteer and pointing you to the information Blizzard has pinned to the top of this forum concerning this issue. They explain their stance on disconnections in the post I linked you to above. There is no accusation involved here, only drawing attention to the info that answers your questions.

Oh! ok, I’m sorry :scream: :woman_facepalming:. I thought you were the actual tech support people :sweat_smile:. My bad.

Well please inform them. Ever since the last patch went live. I have experienced a little bit of a lag issues and a server disconnection issue. I haven’t had that issue once before the patch. All be it has only been 3 times. But, that is 3 times to many.

I’m not talking about a router issue. That has never been a problem for me ever. Expect once and I was totally kicked off of the psn.

I mean… I am a tech support person, I’m just not employed by Blizzard.

You’re informing them right now, by posting in this forum. Troubleshooting connection issues on consoles is difficult because they don’t offer the owner many tools to do this. You could try posting the results of a lookng glass here, or if you have access to a PC, use a WinMTR instead.

Oh ok, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: I will do that.