Server Crash - Punished for Leaving

Around 9:12am EDT this morning, I was playing comp when the Blizzard servers crashed. Everyone was talking about their screen being black. After about 2-3 minutes, everything was still black and everyone in general chat was gossiping about what was going to happen. It seemed clear that the game was over, so I exited the program.

Yes, I lost 50 SR. Why am I penalized for this?

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

its a load of bs right? happened a bunch today. Blizzard says its not their fault and ‘your account will balance out’. sure maybe but doesnt really make the user experience very enjoyable. really dropping the ball on customer relations on this one.

I get that there are and should be penalties for those who purposefully disconnect during a competitive match…
I have never done this, not once, and have been disconnected multiple times during game play lately. Are we just supposed to not play comp anymore?? Should we stop playing the game altogether over something that is not even our fault?
It is disheartening that those of us who don’t disconnect purposefully are being punished as if we are and do not deserve to be denigrated as a lower standard player.
The latest I received a 30 minute penalty because of a disconnect that I was not responsible for. I was playing with a friend and I am very interested in increasing my SR.
This latest disconnect cause me to lose somewhere around 75 (estimate) SR.
For those of us who actually put effort into achieving higher ranking in the game we deserve a better answer.


Stop with Competitive only when there are noticeable issues. Attempting to play when you know you have been having issues is just as bad as someone who deliberately leaves the game.

Use other game modes to do testing with. Follow standard troubleshooting to see if anything is going on with your equipment:

or run a WinMTR test to see if a problem exists between you and the game server.

It is also disheartening for players when a teammate leaves (regardless of the reason) and they likely lose the match because of it.

There are no perfect solutions when it comes to handling leavers including both who deliberately leave and those who disconnect, but by penalizing technical issues, that ensure players take the time to fix or wait out their issues before risking Competitive again.

Please be mindful of necrobumping older posts (as the original poster likely already long resolved their issues). If you need technical support with your disconnections, please follow the links I provided or start a new topic in the technical support forum (NOT here in the bug report forum) where we can provide assistance directly with you.

This arguably feels like the most “lol we dont care someone else will pay 2 play” reply ive ever seen from a company representative. Not even a “We at blizzard are sorry you feel this way, however…” literally just, “nah bruh deal with it or dont play.” customer service 0/10

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An MVP is not a company representative.

The MVP is absolutely right though. You are basically saying everyone should pay for others losing their connection because that is what would happen if they wouldn’t punish people for leaving a match. Without leaver penalties people will deliberately disconnect every single time they know they can’t win.

Im tired of being penalized for something that isn’t my fault your server keeps disconnecting