Server Closed due to an unexpected Error

Is some one hacking the servers again? Just had the strangest message end a match my team was winning. I didn’t lose anything but I didn’t gain anything either for the inconvenience.

I mean it’s a step up from when they used to penalize you as if you were a leaver when the servers crashed… just very odd.

Also let me say after the last two matches being canceled due to a leaver and now this. It really makes playing Competitive beyond a chore.


Its not a hack. That error comes up when the server has a malfunction and closes.

Yup I had this happen to me many times, it has never happened before cross-play but ever since crossplay these servers have been horrendous, expect devs to not fix it and overall try and deal with it, ow2 is gonna be running on these trash servers so strap in for the ride my dude

Are you sure? It’s happening A LOT today.

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All week long for me. No matter what game mode I go lobbies keep getting reset.

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Not sure how long it’s been going on but I happened to find a post stating the same thing around Sept 15th. Meaning it’s been a month with nothing really done about it…

Are the hamsters that run the servers running out of food or something?

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Devs don’t care about their servers being trash, hands down blizzard has never been known for having good servers let alone doing maintenance on them

Happened to me days ago. They insist is my problem , that my conexion is bad. This is the only game, THE ONLY GAME that i have problems with. So yeah. Its definetly blizzard 1970s servers, but they wont assume the truth.

Btw, a friend of mine bought diablo 2 resurrected and he says is unplayable because the servers are pure trash.

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And yet they want to be considered a competitive game worthy of an E sport. I mean I’ve never been hard core about OW, mostly stick to arcade and QP.

That said Comp games are not short. You most likely looking at 5 minutes or more to get into a game, even tank or Support que’s often 3-5 minutes. The matches themselves can take upwards of 10 to 15 if it’s close.

Yet a third of my Comp matches were canceled due to a leaver within the first minute or two. Then the servers shut down randomly in another… Seems like a lot of work just to try and get into a game. Call me crazy but when it approaches the time you spend more time waiting to get into a match than playing it something is wrong.


Usually this the problem. I know when the servers getting DDOSed a while ago they gave out no SR refunds and blamed the user. Eventually putting a small warning in the game launcher about unstable servers but that was it.

I just found it odd that this time it refunded my priority pass I used, had no SR loss or anything. Basically made it so the game didn’t happen.


Blizzard Devs be like :man_with_probing_cane::man_with_probing_cane:, but all jokes asides this has been a problem ever since cross-play dropped

I honestly wonder whats going on. Do they just have no staff, reduced to a single person in a basement. Or did they basically give up due to the massive changes of OW2 making any changes to this game a waste of time. Despite you know OW2 seemingly not coming out any time soon.

Honestly It can be countless things, I’ve heard it could be due to a lawsuit and because of that they are reducing staff, I also heard theyre putting more focus on OW2, I even heard because of the horrible optimization due to region lock, if you look up overwatch region lock it’ll give you a break down of what’s been happening and the backlash many have expressed because of it, all in all they’re many forums about it too, more in reddit and dexerto even reported about this issue too

This and random lag spikes have been happening recently

“Where’s the fun in playing fair?”

It happened a lot ages back on the Oceania servers, but from what I saw it wasn’t impacting other regions, so unless Oceania had access to hacks that no one else did, I’d say very much that WyomingMyst is correct

Even if its not a hack, we can all agree region lock has to go