So a member of my team left and it said If I leave the game in next [fewmins] I will be penalized.
The screen booted to main menu suddenly and there was a message in yellow color in chat box “SERVER CLOSED DUE TO AN UNEXPECTED ERROR”.
But the REJOIN button was still up there and when I press enter I can see [MATCH] [TEAM].
So I asked what’s wrong in [MATCH] chat while I was still in Main Menu.
Someone replied the server closed.
I could still see the REJOIN button.
So I clicked it but it wouldn’t reconnect me into the game.
So I spammed it like 5 times and waited, map screen loaded.
I saw 2-3 people disconnected when I went in.
The game got over and when I went to play next I saw a 21HR COOLDOWN from competitive play.
How is this fair?
Why am I banned?
Also my previous ban was 2hrs so this should be 8hrs right?
My next ban is season ban.
Please remove the ban or atleast reduce the cooldown back to 2hours?
I can’t get a season ban.One little mistake and I will get season ban.
I don’t mind losing the 50sr. I can gain it back but I can’t be this close to having a season ban for doing nothing.
Please help me.
Lifting the ban and making my next abandon 8hour ban like how it should be will be amazing.

I already responded to this issue here: “SERVER CLOSED DUE TO AN UNEXPECTED ERROR” and I got banned

Please don’t make multiple threads for the same issue by switching accounts.