Server Closed Due To An Unexpected Error during comp match

Issue as above. Lost 50 SR and got a 10 minute suspension. Was playing in a three stack. Myself and one other of our three stack had this issue, as did two other members of our team and one member of the enemy team. Despite clicking on the rejoin match button an excessive number of times as a desperate attempt to rejoin, the game would not let myself or the other disconnected player rejoin at all, even after restarting the game completely. After being disconnected by the server error, I was still connected to the team and match text chats and could see all messages in game and still send messages to those in the game. I’m unsure if there’s any way you can compensate for this but I hope at very least my writing this ticket will provide some information and help to prevent this in future. My group mates’ battletags are BlazeNinja#11704 and Clout#11725.

This is the second time I’ve been in a game where this has happened. A few months ago, I was in a game in which one member of my team and all but one of the enemy team were kicked due to an unexpected server error. All members could still participate in the various text chats and the disconnected team member was still able to talk to us in team voice chat. No participant/victim of that game was able to rejoin regardless of action, whether they simply clicked rejoin a few times or frantically spammed it and restarted trying to find some way back in the game.

I’m based in Australia and use the Americas servers.

I really hope you can do something about this, it was a game my team was winning and the game prior I had just gotten promoted in rank tier again :cry:


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I lost 50 sr aswell :frowning: