Server closed due to an error

Server issue in another comp game leads to -50 sr and 1 hour 15 mins ban. How is this my problem. Happened twice already. I want a discussion on this blizzard

This isn’t the place for a “discussion”. Blizzard isn’t going to be forced into some kind of discussion with every single customer whenever they demand it. If you want to suggest something to Blizzard you can do so in the general discussion or competitive discussion forum, but not here, this part of the forum is solely for troubleshooting technical issues.

"What if I want to provide feedback on the penalty system?

We understand that the penalty system can always be improved. If you have specific feedback for things we might change to make the system better, we have forums for that. You can use the Competitive Discussion or General Discussion forums to deliver that feedback. We’ve got some folks there that check those threads for player feedback and report to the developers. Some of our development team will even reply to threads there, too."