Sensitivity after patch

My aim change every day, so i dont know…


I don’t think we should be discussing this.

It’s a sensitive subject.


I have felt this too.

I THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY, on console it feels so… sluggish…
Although its always been like that.

Ashe had a bug fix as the frame rate was locked at a low fps (I forgot how much) when she scopes. It should be smooth now.

Pretty sure it was planned to go live during the next patch cycle or later.

I didn’t notice a thing, my winston is still 100% accurate.


I haven’t noticed any difference

Yeah they changed something with Ashe recently, i am lazy as heck but im sure you’ll find it in the patch notes.

I did notice it but it might just be plebs running into my fully charged beam. Dunno

It’s in the patch notes and very much noticeable.

Hard to say, I switched mouses.

Relearning and calibrating from a G400 to a G502.
Took out some of the metal weights because I realized my old mouse was lighter.

Must be a placebo, the only place it’s in the patch notes is in the PTR that just went live today

begins to cry uncontrollably


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Have you read the current patch notes for the live server?
Also have you thought of the possibility of two bug fixes?

Yeah, it’s not there, I looked twice. There are people reporting that the FOV change but not the weapon is smoother. I personally haven’t noticed anything @75hz.

Well, you must be looking at the xb1 patch notes.
Can’t blame you for that though, I personally play on a 144hz monitor.

Found the issue, the playoverwatch site patch notes are different from the ones shown in client.

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Yea, i felt it as well

Amazing, they really need someone to keep track of patch changes if they really envision it to be a lasting esports title.