Semi-Frequent Crashes

Hi there,

I’m getting semi-frequent crashes, have been having trouble since I got this PC a couple months ago. It seems like some drivers cause the game to be unstable with my setup, and some don’t. I’ve had BSODs in the past with other drivers.

Here are my two most recent error logs from today:



Anyone got advice on what to do?

Since you’re using a Ryzen CPU, you will need to update your BiOS, as your version is from 2017.

The log starts with an access violation, and even though I don’t have much experience reading game error logs, I’m going to take two guesses (maybe someone with more experience can chime in):

  • The game cannot read/write on your hard drive, which could be related to an antivirus permission or malware.
  • The game is having trouble accessing your RAM. This could be because you ran out of RAM, it’s malfunctioning, or it’s overclocked.

I’d manually check for Windows updates and try using the built-in Windows tools to check the hard drive health and RAM health.