Selling old OW1 maps on the cash shop

Just to check because you literally can’t put anything past blizzard these days when it comes to monetization and greed, But…They are not going to sell those old currently missing OW1 maps like Havana, Blizzard World or Numbani on the cash shop are they? Surely they wouldn’t…

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That wouldn’t make sense, as players don’t have the ability to alter the QP map rotation.


yeah most likely. $30 to play 2cp maps :person_shrugging:

They’ll most likely make an arcade mode titling it “Classic 2cp Maps” and then lock it behind a paywall for us to play PepeLaugh

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You guys are crazy lol


Numbani is out of rotation because of bugs (Known Bugs in this thread Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022)

I’m not sure about the other maps


Not trying to be rude but they’d have to be stupid to try and sell Havana. No one wants that map lol

Based on the long open sight lines of havana and rialto, its a fairly safe bet they’re still adding additional cover to them like they did the other ow1 maps. It might be the same for Blizzard world too.


Anyone want Paris for $30?

Its on sale


Only if it comes with a player icon I’ll never equip

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No one thought they would sell 4 year old legendary skins for 20 dollars on the cash shop but they did…you never know with blizzard these days somehow there’s always a way for them to stoop just that little bit lower…

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Blizzard World was kinda unfair for Attack teams so I’m not gonna cry much for it (maybe only for the Winter version :smiling_face_with_tear:)

But Numbani and Havana were fine. If Numbani is having bugs then ok, but why delete Havana? I never thought it felt bad for either side to play.

I don’t think they are gonna be selling maps, as most of them you can still play in Custom Mode.

I don’t see Temple of Anubis though - probably also undergoing development, since that map sucked hard. I dreaded whenever it showed up in Ranked Mode as it was entirely dependent on certain comps to win, and none other.

Yeah, well they tried to sell me a Player Icon last night for 100 Creds. One can only earn 60 a week… :rofl:

Those are skins, something that does not effect gameplay at all, maps on the other hand do so no they’re not going to sell maps.

Aren’t they locking heroes in the battle pass for new players? That affects gameplay.

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they wont do that, they will re-release them and call it content though

Introducing the “Retro Map Pack”. Get yours today.

And they are unlockable in the BP premium track, god you’re only hear to be a pathetic troll and your low IQ is showing.

Paranoïa is terrible for the health

I thought they were part of the free track of the battle pass? Do you have to pay for premium to unlock them?

My mistake, yes they are free for all players to unlock