Seeking New OW Friends

Hello everyone I’m looking for new friends to run games with. Either for QP or Comp. I tend to play Tank & DPS only. I’ve been playing for awhile so I’m really good. Feel free to add me on discord “trueskillz” or on OW Skillz#11405. I can play with or without a mic.

Sent a friend request on discord.
Just ping me back when you accept it.

If the region based latency isn’t a problem I’ll be happy to queue around

Hey there, are you playing on PC or console?

Hello I’m on PC and in NA regions

We ended up talking on discord
The moment I told you I’m from India you unfriended me with no response.

It’s upto you if you wanna be racist about things but if you don’t want to queue for whatever reason at least he polite enough to tell the other side about it.

But thanks for your kind gesture. Deeply appreciated.

Weird? All i talked to you on discord was “if latency isn’t an issue… I’ll queue”

You unfriended the moment I said I’m from India.

Meh whatever.
Just disappointing interaction.

Wish you luck on your future endeavours.

imgur . com/a/inO66wr

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Hello, I’m looking for new friends to play with too :slight_smile: I’m a support main and I usually play Illari or Mercy but I can play anyone else, I play on console if that’s an issue that’s alright but if not add me back

NA and PC also, what rank are you? I’m plat

Pc what about you???

I’m on console so we would not be able to run comp together.

I play about 90% QP so feel free to add me still.

We can play I’m on console

Did something similar to me just now. Out of no where he whispers me while I’m in game and says I’m blocked and unfriended ??? I literally never said anything to him except complimenting his tank win rates which I see now are obviously boosted because he doesn’t even play those heroes in quickplay which he plays 90% of the time lmao.

And he was nothing to write home about in the 2 games we played. A weird one for sure this guy but yea whatever no biggie. Also I am from the same region as him so don’t think he’s racist just a weirdo but maybe I’m wrong about that too.

You see my last message here saying “weird?”

That was a reply to his message that he has deleted off from here where he called me weird.

Just flag this user as trolling and move on