Seeing new Developers posting on the forums is WONDERFUL!


I would like to know to. Her tp has a lot of bugs sadly :sleepy:


Now we have another one to blame for balance changes!

<3 Josh
Don’t let the negative ones turn you away!


No, let’s not be like that


In that case, welcome to the forums.

Just a small warning though, please don’t get scared or angry of some of the players in this forum. (Some can be pretty loud and aggressive.)

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It’s both! Often times our artists make amazing concept characters where we feel compelled to absolutely make that a hero and figure out a gameplay kit for it.

Other times we can start with a mechanic we want to see in the game or a role that needs to be filled and figure out a character fantasy centered around that.

Sometimes there are just cool ideas left over from old iterations of a hero prototype that we eventually want to work into a new hero as well.

(Josh Noh) #55

Most people on the team just call me JNoh due to how our internal playtest handles appear.


Sorry for barking…


If anyone is interested here is a interview with Josh Noh:


That’s pretty neat. Thanks for the response.


Do you have any art concepts you can show us for Bapt yet?

(Sorry If I am asking too much, overworked last night and bored.)


Nice to meet you.

I suppose you dont know who I am.

I can say I am not a penguin… (I am serious)


Are you Mr. P. N. Guin?


WHY did you have to put Batman: The Movie (the Adam West one) back in my mind?!


Sorry for asking, but are there any potential changes for Ashe on the horizon?


Hopefully not :wink:



A man’s gotta do what man’s gotta do… :wink:


Because dinamite penguins.


Oh, you poor, doomed child.


Thank you, devs, for responding to us!