Seeing new Developers posting on the forums is WONDERFUL!


Yes it was an accident her changes are on the ptr now


Welcome to the team, and thanks for the responses~
I really appreciate you clearing things up in my recent Symmetra post.


The BIG THREE: JEFF, GOODMAN, and now Josh Noh.

Theres always Tom Powers too, and others (Michael chu, Dan mass, Callie, Scott Mercer, Bill Willnercke, Bruce Willkie, and many others)


Just a joke, but would be interesting to see an answer: Is there a requirement that your name should begin with a “juh” sound in order to be on the OW dev team?


I saw the interview with HighscoreHeroes.
I wish you much success in your work.

(Josh Noh) #47

Yes it was an accident, it’ll be there in the next updated patch notes.


Thank you for answering!


What is going on Sym’s and Reaper’s Teleporter and Shadestep Abilities?


(It’s okay u don’t have to answer but honestly thought we see something other then a Damage buff)


I would like to know to. Her tp has a lot of bugs sadly :sleepy:


Now we have another one to blame for balance changes!

<3 Josh
Don’t let the negative ones turn you away!


No, let’s not be like that


In that case, welcome to the forums.

Just a small warning though, please don’t get scared or angry of some of the players in this forum. (Some can be pretty loud and aggressive.)

(Josh Noh) #54

It’s both! Often times our artists make amazing concept characters where we feel compelled to absolutely make that a hero and figure out a gameplay kit for it.

Other times we can start with a mechanic we want to see in the game or a role that needs to be filled and figure out a character fantasy centered around that.

Sometimes there are just cool ideas left over from old iterations of a hero prototype that we eventually want to work into a new hero as well.

(Josh Noh) #55

Most people on the team just call me JNoh due to how our internal playtest handles appear.


Sorry for barking…


If anyone is interested here is a interview with Josh Noh:


That’s pretty neat. Thanks for the response.


Do you have any art concepts you can show us for Bapt yet?

(Sorry If I am asking too much, overworked last night and bored.)


Nice to meet you.

I suppose you dont know who I am.

I can say I am not a penguin… (I am serious)


Are you Mr. P. N. Guin?