Seeing new Developers posting on the forums is WONDERFUL!


Keeping a game fresh to everyone current standards, is highly unrealistic when it takes time to gather data in first place. The faster content is released that isn’t cosmetic, the more likely it can cause more problems balanced wise.
Which is why PTR is important for the community to try every time new content is on there, and give input on it.

No game dies out, esp. when you see 10+ Year old games with subscription model, still being played, streamed, and enjoyed by the community. I’ve seen communities come together, and specific groups create new servers to play these games, even after official servers from said devs were even turned off/Shutdown…

When it comes to Twitch viewers of what is watched, Viewers =/= Health of the game, or life-span of game, Twitch Streamers will always broadcast the latest games, or games that have huge following. It’s never ending cycle of trying to maintain viewership, and building a new or present community per game.
There so many new games being made, and artist/devs trying to gain their attention to purchase those titles, though it’s incredibly hard to support all the games that are constantly being created, eventually you’ll have to decide and play what you love.

It’s the community behind the scenes that keeps it alive, keeps it hyped, like they have done so BEFORE twitch was a thing, those who are providing feedback, criticism based on their experience with what is presented in these free updates, give Devs time to consider these ideas and feedbacks, and making these decisions takes time as you have a very complex game to think about all possible outcomes.

Majority of what was patched, fixed is thanks to what is discussed on these types of forums, and from input of highest and lowest levels of play, thanks to players who are able to report and show even video of bugs, exploits and debates on topics they feel is unbalanced. It’s thanks to players, and devs that are listening who are helping making Overwatch better, which it is better.

It’s only going to get even better as time goes on, though your experience of mechanics, and overall understanding of the game will feel less fresh as time goes on. This happens in every single game, esp. those use the same engines from their previous titles.

Overwatch has a huge following, and the game is in a really good place balanced wise, meanwhile doing so by listening to feedback to players and making decisions on those matters.

As i said, Takes time to gather this data, see whats going on and dissect that information, develop and make the correct decisions on how improve already impressive team based game. Granted the players will always try their best to find the best tactics available, like Goats, even though it is rarely played below masters, Devs are listening, and taking measures to implement quality of life improvements on not just improving the meta, but improving the game overall for all players not only for top 1% or bottom 50%…

Don’t forget this game was built from ground up, Have some patience, it’s all free after your initial purchase of copy of the game. Too many frequent patches can cause problems, even turn away players as they don’t know when to develop strategies, and potentially feel time wasted, but not enough patches/updates, or communication between Devs, causes other players to feel ignored/abandoned, there really is no sweet spot, because everyone has different expectations depending how much they value their purchase in already highly competitive market, some devs do 1 year, some every month.

OW tends to do them quarterly, and monthly which is great! when you consider the data needs to be gathered, and is gatherd, is just about enough time for players to practice new strategies, discuss them, analyze them and showcase them on streams, along with theory crafting about release of new free heroes as well as trying to improve each hero, no matter what, updates and balances are coming, it just gets harder over time when they want to present to you with high quality content per hero and per game mode, and not rushed out the door.

I believe we should be patient, give devs the time the need to make the best experience possible for all players, as they already put years of their life into this amazing game, as I feel they done more than enough for my initial purchase, appreciate the work that goes into each content/update they release.


I don’t know why it put you as the poster. That was weird. It’s fixed.


I’m the opposite, i agree with almost every change from the current ptr and for the rest i’m just indifferent about them meaning they don’t bother me at all.


As someone who works in the entertainment industry and deals with both fans and trolls all the time, if that is what would scare them away, then they shouldn’t be at the forums in the first place. Their skin is way too thin to be dealing with a video game consumer base.


Communication is so important in any kind of relationship. Whether it is patient and physician, different people in a team, or even a company to its consumers.

And like you mentioned OP, hearing from more of them is wonderful! I remembered when people were talking about Rialto with the sight lines and such, the level designers were constantly talking to them and made tweaks to such. Stuff like that reminds me why I stick with Overwatch as opposed to a lot of other games.

(Josh Noh) #37

Hello, happy to be here!
I just recently got a forum account though I don’t actually have much time to post here. I will try to clarify changes when I can.

I suppose nobody knows who I am, but I joined the design team last year. I’ve mostly been working on hero prototypes and balance patches with Geoff and the rest of the design team.

Thank you all for your feedback, every voice matters.


So for RoleQueue, do the devs forsee doing strict 2-2-2, or something like 2Flex-2-2.

Also wouldn’t forced 2-2-2 break LFG and waste all the changes to balance GOATs?


If you don’t mind me asking, how does prototyping work?

Do you pick a theme for a hero, say AOE healer, and go from there, or do you pick the character first, and design abilities around them?


Was sym not being included in the recent patch notes an accident?


Well, welcome to the forums! Hopefully we don’t scare you away! :smiley:


Yes it was an accident her changes are on the ptr now


Welcome to the team, and thanks for the responses~
I really appreciate you clearing things up in my recent Symmetra post.


The BIG THREE: JEFF, GOODMAN, and now Josh Noh.

Theres always Tom Powers too, and others (Michael chu, Dan mass, Callie, Scott Mercer, Bill Willnercke, Bruce Willkie, and many others)


Just a joke, but would be interesting to see an answer: Is there a requirement that your name should begin with a “juh” sound in order to be on the OW dev team?


I saw the interview with HighscoreHeroes.
I wish you much success in your work.

(Josh Noh) #47

Yes it was an accident, it’ll be there in the next updated patch notes.


Thank you for answering!


What is going on Sym’s and Reaper’s Teleporter and Shadestep Abilities?


(It’s okay u don’t have to answer but honestly thought we see something other then a Damage buff)


I would like to know to. Her tp has a lot of bugs sadly :sleepy:


Now we have another one to blame for balance changes!

<3 Josh
Don’t let the negative ones turn you away!