Season One Twitch drops: Earn rewards watching your favorite Overwatch 2 streamers

Inflate your viewerbase with incentives being the only way to earn in game items for free

Twitch drops are a current marketing practice used by all big multiplayer game corporations.

It is not a good representation, either positive or negative, of a game health.

I would be more worried of there weren’t twitch drop, as I am sure that marketing tactic is not free.

oh no its a twitch drop… AAA oh wait I can just plop in a stream, mute the tab and go on my way, check back to see if I need to switch streamers to claim my item while still doing whatever I need to do.

Blizzard can’t do anything right anymore

Yeah, i’m not gonna artificially pad those viewership numbers for some old skin and a charm.

That’s the entire point, they want people to do exactly that. Its purely a marketing ploy, idiots see viewership numbers and think “oh wow, it must be successful or popular”.

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what is a shill sorry i am new


Small Indie™ is doing its best, please, be patient :hugs: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.


Are new lootbox system, boy did we have it good back then…

Are we able to earn twitch drops that we didn’t make it for? Because I just found about this. I would have loved the Winston skin :face_exhaling:

Nope that’s not going to happen