Season 9 Crashing on Nintendo Switch

haveing issues not very happy :frowning:

Is blizzard even acknowledging this problem? There’s already been hundreds of posts and emails about it but blizzard hasn’t said anything at all

Yes 5d nothing change I’m so mad

how can you take battlepass money and not tell switch players it was unplayable


I may have found a workaround. I’ve noticed that every 4rth spawn the crash can happen. HOWEVER, if you wait for a few seconds when watching killcams / spawning (I usually wait 2 seconds to be sure once loaded) and don’t press any buttons until fully loaded in, the crash does not appear to occur.

I’m on my 5th hour of play testing this theory, without crashes.

EDIT when I specify “spawn”, that includes initial spawns. A 3 round control map, with 0 in-game deaths still equates to 3 spawns.

EDIT 2 Junk-Rat Riptire appears to also count as a spawn. I’m guessing it has something to do with spawning the tire, and then spawning back into Junkrat.


They updated their Bluepost about known bugs to include this issue and to avoid competitive play.

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I also can’t play on switch. Could we get the mythic skin for free if this isn’t fixed soon?

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I’m having the same issue, i notice it happens more often when i play junkrat, specially when i start my ult. :frowning:


literally im trying to play a game and it crashes… and its so embarrassing too :sob::sob::sob:

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Update: its now crashing in mischief and magic now too

Received a penalty because it crashed at the end of my game. Fix the problem!

The other day my game crashes in the firing range, so i think spawns are not the main issue

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I had errors too, so i decided to download ow on computer, then i deleted ow from computer and returned to nintendo. It solved my problem, so maybe u should try it too

Or they had just fixed it maybe

I am glad that for me they are no longer suspending, but i’ve still lost two whole endorsement ranks. they better compensate us for this somehow, it’s been multiple days with no fix and it’s ridiculous, i can’t go a single game without crashing. not to mention the weird avatar scaling and the black screens.


Same, I’ve been attempting to play for a couple days now since the new season. I’d say I’ve gotten only a handful of 15 full games at best with all of my others being disconnects


Honestly! I just want this bs fixed so I can get through the battle pass


Pretty pissed about it as well. I mean I just don’t my account to be banned. It’s so crappy.


I did not last. The 5th game booted me out. And I haven’t been able to play that many games in a row without crashing.
Sounds like this is now a blizzard known issue. Hoping for a resolve soon. I’ve been itching to play this season esp with the theme + battle pass

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same. The mini picture of your character is also smushed for me. Its like ow doesnt care abt switch players