Season 4 Support Change Complaining (Absolutely Clickbait)

There’s a lot of support changes coming in Season 4! I’ve gathered my thoughts into one post so people can tell me to git gud in one convenient place (also to get other support players’ thoughts and discussions going, but shhhh don’t tell everyone else that).

Changes here: Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - April 11, 2023 (Preview) - Announcements - Overwatch Forums (


Sleep dart nerf is pretty meh. I can see where tank players are coming from. Big hitbox etc. But I feel like all this is going to do is punish Ana players who can hit their sleeps on dive tanks like Ball/D.Va/Winton. Anas who sleep dart frontline tanks on cooldown are still gonna do that, the duration isn’t going to matter to them. Tanks in the frontline don’t generally stay sleeping for long with trash damage flying around anyway, especially when it comes to my fellow dirt-tier teammates. XD


Losing a bit of mobility always kinda sucks, but she’s now Rein 2.0 for like 10 seconds which is pretty neat. Her shield during Rally actually has more health than Sigma’s! I can see this being really good in cases where you don’t have a frontline tank to play around (either because they’re a diver or dead lol) and Brig being able to fill in that role for a bit is great. I do wonder how shield bash stun will play out. I think the damage is still there, so that along with the stun is going to make a lot of people mad, methinks. :sweat_smile: After it goes live, we’ll see how ‘defensive’ the ultimate actually is lmao. (NANO BRIG NANO BRIG NANO BRIG COMMIT EXTREME VIOLENCE)


‘Triage healer’ sucked to play against I take it devs? Realized tanks were suddenly very hard to kill when Mercy’s Valking? Who would’ve thought. And they still refuse to fully revert GA nerfs so they let her keep the conditional in-combat regen. Valk regen is back tho, so that’s pretty great (ENEMY DPS IS BACK ON THE MENU, BOYS). Ironically, I think this version of GA should’ve been paired with the triage heal style. Bouncing between critical teammates with just normal GA at 1.5s and then start using GA+SJ/Slingshot for 2.5s CD when the enemy actually starts targeting you to get into hard-to-reach spots. It would’ve still felt kinda meh to play, but it would’ve made a lot more sense to me. At this point, Mercy might have to lose like 25hp in order to get her GA back to Season 1 standards.


Lmao. ENEMY SUPPORTS IS STILL ON THE MENU, BOYS. Rip enemy Anas that manage to purple me during ult. Not sure if I’d call it ‘overpowered’ (because I don’t know if the fade cancels Coal or not), but way to make her even more forgiving lol. Gotta say tho, I do really like the lingering heal buff. DPS can get small puffs less often and I can save more of the big piss for tanks taking 3,864,932 damage directly to their face.


-Kiriko swift step bug has poisoned my water supply, burned my crops, and delivered a plague until my houses. Please let this upcoming fix work.
-Moira hand animation bug was hilarious. RIP in pieces. No fix listed for the Mercy pistol bug, thank god.

So those are my thoughts. Are there any other supports that should’ve gotten changes this season? Are any of these upcoming changes actual dog water/literally OPAF? And who’s gonna end up pairing best with Lifeweaver?

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