Season 4 retrospect

Would have been good to me if comp deathmatch’s ranking actually worked. Sadly the bug just made climbing feel like RNG cause you could get ranked down for going 5x 1st place

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People still buy skins? Wild. I miss the lootbox system on the premise you could get the good skins by earning lootboxes. Granted they could’ve taken away buying boxes but adding 1 free one every 5 or 10 levels of the BP would’ve been great.

Season 3 was much better than season 4 for me. Better mythic skin. Better balance. Less terrible news to dampen the mood. Season 4 should have had archives. That would have at least been nice. But we didn’t even get that. At least season 3 had decent balance, but they destroyed that in season 4. Life Weaver is also legitimately awful in just about every way. The worst hero in the game in every aspect.

Honestly, the cost of the good skins really keeps me from being excited about cosmetics too. There were some decent skins in season 4, but I don’t want to spend that kind of cash. And it’s not like you can really earn anything. If it’s not in the battle pass then it might as well not be in the game at all given the shop prices.

Also the events have been awful. Starwatch sucked! I’m not even playing this month. I’m just taking a break. There’s nothing to make me want to play right now.

Uninstalled again. I was struggling to hold on after the PVE got cancelled and yeah it’s just not good for me playing a game that hardly progresses in anything meaningful.

Lifeweaver is kinda weak but still cool. Looking forward to his buffs.
Otherwise yeah, Starwatch was definitely flawed, and the PvE news is a massive downer.

Don’t know what people expect from the losers at ABK still left running the show.

Again: all the talent left, leaving the result of the latest recruitment trend to run the show - with zero talent. This is what you’re left with.

Kiriko was the only thing I really really enjoyed in OW2.

Season 1-4, OW2 as a whole, pay-2-win skin events, trash PVE-a-like custom maps, etc etc it all sucks.

Par for the course from a watered down game that recycles old content like 6 year old abilities that didn’t make the cut in previous heros, or “compilation” heroes made from a bunch of abilities the other heroes have, like JQ.

Art department is decent still, but good god, is there any hero they’ve not turned into an LGBTQ+? Like it’s beyond a joke. It’s going to be funny when they run out of stuff to break or remove.

this seasons meta has been the worst by a mile… i dont even want to play. perma tracer/pocket echo/reaper/sym/mei/hanzo being the literal only dps picks is freaking awful and boring… and i cant believe they actually put out lifeweaver in this state… its like no one even play tested him. i cant believe i had to read in the devs own words that they had learned “new heroes need a reason for you to pick them over another hero”… year 7 guys, haha!

it makes my excitement for the new support hero nonexistent.

also destroying widow’s range is just gross. i dont even play her but its absolutely destroying a characters entire identity - and people dont even care. this community is as short-sighted as its own developers.

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Probably the worst season yet. Matchmaking still weird. Snipers completely broken. New hero is useless. PvE cancellation news. JQ completely op.

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I decided to gave up little by little in this game.

This Season at the beginning I had a lot of servers bugs and of course, I got penalties for that, which led to my rank somehow not moving to this date.

If the unbalanced matches weren’t enough, if I managed to do better on the 5 wins, I literally can’t get out of masters because that percentage at the end doesn’t move anymore.

This led me to don’t complete the win 1 out 10 matches in ranked anymore and now I’m just picking the two coins bonus from weeklies.
Seriously, I was so pumped for ow2 back at october, now it’s like ow 1.5 all over again.
Im literally playing against the same people always and always at QP, even the ones that I always report for being toxic to me along with their parties… Like I’m at the verge of uninstalling but I feel like I’ll be doing more chores to myself if I want to install again.

This game literally made me buy ps plus again just to have other things to play, even DBD…yes I said I changed ow2 for frickin’ DBD. :pensive::fist::droplet:

The worst season yet

But apparently S5 is gonna quickly steal the medal for that


Somehow even worse than the other seasons despite a new hero for the role I main when i’ve been begging for something new and interesting since long before Baptiste was released (love the character but my lord is he boring to play, and kiriko is boring too with awful writing)

My role is just ‘run Ana or you lose’ to an even larger extreme than OW1 had. Matchmaking is even worse than ever to a point where it feels like you have to 1v5 every fight no matter your role in about half of the games, and the ones where you don’t? You stomp the enemy team. B o r i n g.

The event was a joke; it had 0 matchmaking to the point that I won the games necessary with no effort required and felt really bad about it because the games were that one sided, followed by never touching it again.

I was playing a lot of DBD already when they decided to kill OW1 (still my main game) way back when, and eventually it became my main game. But that game is just as rife with questionable decisions sadly. All the nice little changes over the last year were too little too late. I was already gone. Doesn’t help their dev team is so incredibly arrogant and insulting to the player base.

Destiny is a lot better in terms of constantly evolving/improving and good, communicative devs. Same goes for Warframe. Hoping to come across more types of games with devs like those that aren’t completely neutered by corporate higher ups like we’ve had with Team 4.

Star watch was an awful event. You would think at this point they could do something better than the archive missions.

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