Season 4 retrospect

What do y’all think of season 4 of this game?

For me personally, I reached level 80 on the battlepass about a month ago and I haven’t played the game since. The starwatch event was mid, the new hero was legitimately terrible, and the news of no PvE just kinda killed this entire season for me.

I hope that season 5 will be better, but considering there is no new map or hero, I think I’ll probably just grind to get the new mythic then stop playing again

What do y’all think?


Starwatch was fun, the battle pass and cosmetics were the best we’ve had so far… and that’s about it. Talantis was cool too, but my joy was negated by the fact they didn’t leave it in custom games.


Ngl I completely forgot about talantis. Idk why they couldn’t just keep that map in custom games tho


I’m all about the standard modes of OW. Starwatch, Battle for Olympus, whatever, I don’t take any notice. Massively replayable PvE with bells and whistles like talent trees would have been cool (duh), but I suppose I didn’t actually expect it to happen because I wasn’t disappointed. I’m sorry for those that did.

As far as gameplay goes, I’m glad that they toned down Cass. The Junkerqueen stuff is a bit strange, though. I understand overshooting when it comes to buffs, but in the blog post they talk about how JQ is now overperforming and instead of toning down the sustainability buffs they’re… nerfing her Shout? The ability that already has a long-as-hell cooldown? Huh? Why? But that’s actually by-the-by. While JQ’s a bit over the top right now, it doesn’t actually bother me that much.

However, there’s no getting around the elephant in the room, which is the new hero, Lifeweaver. And this guy is bad news. Thankfully I don’t have to team up with him often due to him being crap, but his cooldowns can be aggravating to play with. Then there’s the fact that his standard game cycle is to vomit out healing which feels like a “win more” or “lose more” setup; a team that is stomping feels immortal with massive healing behind them, but on the flip side there’s nothing worse than a LW who contributes zero damage or pressure and then starts moaning about the DPS not doing their jobs.

Lifeweaver is the worst thing about season four and I’m nervous about the upcoming buffs, despite him being bad. So while I personally enjoyed season four on the whole, I can’t really give it the thumbs-up with Lifeweaver being such a flop.


The thing about Lifeweaver in my opinion, is the devs had so many different ideas and they just shoved them all onto one hero and it doesn’t work well at all.

Like Why does Lifeweaver need to build platforms? Why not make an entirely new support whose gimmick is building things, and have THEM build the platforms.

Lifeweaver is just an utter failure on every conceivable level. I’m interested in seeing what buffs he receives, but that won’t stop him from feeling clunky af to play as.


And yet despite chucking a bunch of stuff into one kit, they managed to create a boring neutral game for the Lifeweaver player.

Mercy doesn’t just have yellow beam, she has blue beam along with mobility on a very short cooldown, too. Lucio doesn’t just have yellow song, he has green song, too, and he’s free to attack all the while. Zen doesn’t just have Harmony, he has Discord and he’s free to attack all the while. Bap doesn’t just heal, he can deal a ton of damage, too. Ana doesn’t just have to heal, she can take shots at the enemy, too. Moira doesn’t just have to heal, she can damage, too. Kiriko doesn’t just have to heal, she can weave in damage, too. Brig doesn’t just have to heal, she can damage and boop, too.

Then there’s Lifeweaver, and what does he do when his abilities are on their long cooldown? Nothing but belch out healing. Ugh. I sure hope nobody asks me to play as him in season five.


Season 4 was interesting.

  • The new hero was statistically trash…but I literally love him and haven’t stopped spamming him in QP. I wish he was comp viable.

  • Seeing Queen every game was annoying, but I prefer it to the last season I played where Hog could still oneshot.

  • News of no PvE was some nice, much needed, spicy drama.

  • News of the scaling back of oneshots was also some nice, spicy drama.

  • I played Starwatch maybe twice and then never touched it again.

Overall it was okay. Quite a roller-coaster towards the end.

Since there’s no new hero coming in S5, I won’t be playing as much. I’ll probably play a couple games to test out the LW changes though, I’m really looking forward to those. Also, I think there’s a PvE event coming? I’ll probably check that out. I’ll Check out the new skins. Then i’ll come back for season 6 to see the new support (?)


I can’t imagine a season that has nothing in it to be any better than season 4


The fact that he was left in such a state for the entirety of the season he came out in, is just such a huge let down. I get they wanted to put work into a good rework, but like, how did this even get past testing? Nobody played this thing and realized ‘hey he’s kind of terrible and doesn’t offer anything a different support can’t do better’

Idk, I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said but his state this season makes me sad.


It’s the Season I played the most as of yet (judging by my Battle Pass level that’s like at Tier 220-230) but it’s mostly because I’ve been playing Lifeweaver for lots of hours during the first weeks.

However, there has been many Battle Bass double (or triple ?) XP recently as a result of the bad news regarding PVE so I guess it’s a bit misleading too, as I feel like I’m not playing much outside of doing my weekly challenges.

Season 4 was decent. The worst one is still Season 3 to me (no content) and Season 5 will be most likely be the same as it looks like it consists of filler events only (to hide the fact there’s no new map or new hero).

My Season ranking so far (best to worst) :

  • Season 1 (because it felt new during the first week but the servers issues were horrible)
  • Season 4 (because of Lifeweaver mostly)
  • Season 2 (I don’t remember much of it but Rammatra has become my go-to tank hero)
  • Season 3 (boring, no content, I don’t even remember what happened during that season or what event took place).

It’s crazy to me that people in internal testing presumably played Lifeweaver, and yet somehow the self-snare while charging heal somehow got the green light. Ew.

From what I could tell, people loved the removal of Orisa’s self-snare both in the Flats experimental, and her two OW2 incarnations. I don’t know why they thought it would be a good fit on LW.


I think it was pretty bad, objectively.

Starwatch was okay but horribly balanced and made it unfun.

New hero was a complete miss and was useless basically the entire season.

Bob and weave was a decent little distraction but nothing more.

Talantis was a fun idea but tbh the map wasn’t very good.

The pride event, if we look away from the pride aspect, is extremely mediocre, being a map redesign and some player icons.

IMO, very weak season. Some interesting ideas, but way too little tangible content for the game.


I loved Starwatch. Played a lot of it, some of the most fun I had in a while as a Mercy/Soldier/Bap main.
In comp, I one-tricked Lifeweaver, so I pretty much ended 3 ranks below where I started. So not the best season.


Got to masters 3,5,1 on T,D,S respectively haven’t touched it since, other than that I play maybe 5 open queue games a day to try to climb in that too. But less and less daily.

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I have fun playing lifeweaver though he certainly still needs some fine tuning
I liked all the event modes despite how unbalanced some of them were. A huge step up from the last season where they just made team deathmatch locked to hanzo only and pretended it was an event
The space theme isn’t my favorite but I’m glad they actually put some of the themed skins in the battlepass and events instead of all being in the scam shop
Also the junkerqueen buffs were just unacceptable
Still I’d say 8/10

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It was… About the same as all previous seasons?

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worst season by far. content is trash. skins expensive. NO PVE. COMP/RANK is in the worst state EVER…EVER.

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Lw was a L.

I hated season theme.

I also hate sigma

So do season, balance was decent.

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Season 1 was fun and ram season was good too.


Didn’t play Starwatch.

Didn’t play Talantis.

Bought bp for 1000 coins after 3 weeks of resisting, after getting drunk. Its only 10e so… idgf.

LW was dissapointing.

Game was and still is a fun, so played almost nonstop 2 months, with one or two weeks break, when i’d play different games.

I think s5 will be equall to season 4 in terms of theme specific battlepass, and uninteresting events, but im really curious about balance changes.

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