Scripting with Nodes

Write your workshop scripts using nodes

I’m currently working on a program that will assist in making workshop scripts using nodes which should make it easier to read than having 100s on drop down menus.

it’s a Work In Progress but I’m looking for feedback. I’m also thinking of maybe adding a visual way of seeing the vector location on a top-down view of a selected map to allow easier placement of effects instead of having to load the gamemode.

you can check out the progress with the github link below which is fully Open Source

viewing the gihub page will also have a couple of images that will show you what nodes are

Github Page


Looks interesting so far! It’s always good to have different coding options.

I’ll definitely check it out when it’s fully finished.

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I have a working example in the Scripts folder which shows that you can technically make a game mode in it’s current state (of course it’s missing a lot more nodes to make a good game mode)

My first goal is to be able to recreate my Cookie Clicker game mode then I’d like to add nodes that make commonly used function such as interactive circles into a single node

Would be nice if people can paste code from owerwatch and sofware do all converting.