Screen froze bug forced me to leave game

is there a way to appeal?
joined a competative match but the screen was locked to the start screen over the top of the game so i couldnt move or do anything. thought i could leave then rejoin to get rid of it but no. i got banned for 10 mins and lost SR. WTF! probably to do with this halloween update as i’ve never had it before.
totally not cool blizzard!

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There is no way to appeal. This post explains:

I am trying to find some answers if there is a network or server issue ongoing right now, but have no answers at this time. Avoid Competitive for now to make sure you don’t take longer suspensions.

nice. bug forum is full of these reports from last 3 hours and blizz response is IDGAF. sorry to the trolls but i dont use this forum so i dont know where you post this kind of thing and i got nothing better to do now i cant play the game i paid for, so you will just have to deal with it.