Scrap Ironclad, return Bastions shield

Tracer has 150 hit points and a comparatively long cooldown on her “self heal”

You’re suggesting to give someone that does essentially the same account of damage, over longer range, with a significantly longer uptime the same amount of hit points as the biggest tank in the game.

You see how that’s a poor comparison right?


Anyone who’s fought a Bastion knows you can practically walk up to it and kill it most of the time.

You’re on a rant that doesn’t matter. to anyone.
And doesn’t actually contribute to the discussion.

It must really be unfun to have to switch heroes, and counter your enemy.


List them.

The fact that “that’s the point” doesn’t mean the point is good. I don’t agree with the specific buff the OP mentions, but I think Bastion does need something to be less team-dependent.

Yea, because no hero limits were a thing and it wasn’t uncommon for 6 Bastions to Phalanx and win easily.

This has been debunked several times

You’ve been provided with the stats, and the reasoning it was previously tried and removed.
Yet provided nothing to support your perspective other than “some bullets miss therefore I reject the clear math” and ‘all damage heroes should be similarly self sufficient’.

Overwatch has always had teamwork as a design principle. Heroes are built with trade offs. Bastion’s need for protection is similar to Mercy’s.

It’s been suggested in this thread that he should have the highest sustained DPS in the game while also having self heal, and self shielding.

That’s just silly.

But I expect you to continue being silly.
Few forum goers change their outlook after 14k posts :smirk:

I can still pull out my pistol and defend myself as Mercy.

As Bastion, entering Sentry makes me less self sufficient against a head on attack.

Do you SEE the messed up logic???

Very few forum users have been a part of detailed discussions for literal years. bud.

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (600+ Likes, 19,600+ Responses)]

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Can you clarify that the devs have stated this was the sole reason and the only reason they have yet to bring it back?

Because I see problems even with only having a singular Bastion, such as setting up right in a corner on KOTH maps, especially at low level play.

Switching to counter isn’t unheard of.

And many many heroes, would counter that easily.

It’s not “messed up”.

Mercy trades her support abilities for marginal self defense.
Bastion trades vulnerability for the highest threat level in the game.

But this isn’t new ground, and has already been explained in the very thread.

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Bastion trades extreme vulnerability for less sustained dps than he has otherwise, and less of an ability to defend itself.

correction, *one requires more support than others. *

There is not a single other dps that requires support like that. Not even Sym.

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Anything that doesn’t oneshot is not the highest threat level. That’s why people are currently after Widow. You can’t cure death, but you can cure constant damage. well, except Mercy but that’s a 30 second cooldown for a single hero unless she was the one that died.

Yes there are counters, but just as Reaper has counters at the lowest level of play they still needed to nerf his healing.

Adding a shield is too much IMHO, unless they did something such as make it a weak shield (Maybe 500-600 HP) and also nerfed his health or damage.

I’m a firm believer in you cannot add or remove anything without compensation, and a buff like a personal shield is a HUGE buff. Personally I would prefer they did something else that made him less reliant without resorting to shields, even if it was another buff to how quickly he could get in and out of turret form so he could nope out of situations faster.

Not without a significant increase in shield piercing abilities in the game. It would make him far too powerful.

I’m fine with reworking Bastion, but not like this.

If you meant with the shield That’s what Junkrat is for. Either because you just straight up didn’t have to face it or you could shoot over the shield for direct hit damage. It’s just a funnel for him if he’s in a corner.

What about a lower shield health? Another potential is that it only regenerates in reconmode.

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The entire reword was a HUGE nerf, without compensation.
What are you talking about?

His spread was gutted, and has yet to be properly fixed, and on top of that a shield for a stationary target seems more logical, because… well… if you die to it, it’s mostly your own fault.

I would gladly take this.

In a heartbeat.

I have yet to speak about what has happened with Bastion. Just that I believe there should be compensation.

I have said many times on other threads, whether it be when they gutted Doomfist, gave Moira the random “Nope” button out of CC, etc that they should have added something to compensate for adding / removing things.

Just scrap the idea. We can do better. This suggestion would be far too oppressive.

Give him a new ability or something that increases his skill floor and ceiling.