Scammed on battlepass (possible misunderstanding somehow)

I’d like to start by saying that this might not be the right place for this, but i have no clue where else to go as i dont see a “help” button anywhere in the OW shop. I paid 30 whole dollars to buy the BP + 20 levels. it said explicitly “get 48 bp levels instantly”. That is the whole reason i bought it. After purchasing 2200 coins, i paid the 2000 for it and i only got the 28 levels i wouldve (allegedly) gotten with the 1000 coin purchase. Is it possible to fix this somehow? I wouldve never bought the battlepass if i wasnt promised that it would be completed instantly.

I’m not sure where you got the “get 48 levels instantly” figure from, unless you were already at level 28 and got bumped up 20 levels. I believe you misunderstood what the battle pass means, I’ll explain it below.

Buying the 1000 coin battle pass will only unlock the battle pass for you and give you a boost when earning match XP.

Buying the 2000 coin version will give you a 20 level skip + 2000 extra coins.

The very essence of the battle pass is such that you are paying to unlock the ABILITY to earn the rewards within the “premium” tier, if you reach that level. Anyone can level up by simply playing, but non-premium users will only unlock the non-premium rewards.
This means it’s a terrible idea to buy the battle pass this late into the season, with only one week left. There have been rumors eventually blizzard will implement the ability to complete previous battle passes you paid for, but as far as I know nothing is confirmed yet. The full battle pass is 80 levels + 120 prestige tiers where you can unlock namecards.

My suggestion: If you haven’t played the game much(better if at all) since buying the bp, try to submit a support ticket to see if they will refund you. You can do that by hovering over your name in this forum in the top right corner and selecting “support”, there should be an option somewhere to submit a ticket.

If you can’t get refunded, there’s a few ways to get XP quickly. The first one, if you’re an Amazon Prime user, is to unlock the free 5 tier skips they’re offering right now (not sure if I can link it here, but you can see it in the blizzard launcher). There are also daily and weekly challenges that give you a ton of XP at once. Lastly, in the last weekend of the season, they usually start a double XP event(for match XP), so you can keep an eye on that.

I’m sorry this happened to you, Blizzard’s communication in how the battle pass works is horrible and you’re not the only one to have been misguided by it. A lot of people not familiar with the format do not understand it as well.