San Francisco Shock vs. Florida Mayhem - FINAL

May Melee • Week 3


San Francisco Shock
Florida Mayhem
LP: 1 (1-1 +1)
LP: 2 (2-0 +4)

Final Score


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I picked 3 - 2 Mayhem.

It’s a risky pick, but I’m hoping Florida Man can pull out a good win.

If they don’t, it will just make Houston more likely for a #1 seed, so win-win.

Heh… I got 3-2 Shock myself.

Don’t be “that guy” that walks into a room and tells everyone that you hate the thing they like.

it’s weird.


Not really. There’s a LOT of plays tanks and supports constantly make that can decide the game. In fact in OWL the dps need tanks and supports to get value

And if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to watch it

I’m still a little salty after that Houston game. Hopefully the Shock takes this.

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Noted, captain. But why post this in a match discussion thread, captain? I get that not everyone likes the Overwatch League, but there are dozens of other threads for you to participate in rather than crap-posting in this one.

On to the match at hand.

This is an important match for not only the Shock and the Mayhem, but for the Outlaws as well. Outlaws fans, you are Shock fans for this one.

As for my prediction? The Shock should be darn good and angry after the Outlaws won over them 2 weeks ago, so I think Shock takes this one 3-2.

Oh btw arena I saw your thread you posted; you can actually delete the thread if no one has posted in it if you want

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I’m worried about my pred.

SF might be back to their old “Only win Control and Hybrid, forget everything else” strat.

Oh crap they won with Moira. Here comes a nerf lol.

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oh look at that, I was false flagged

Hey just take it easy, it’s a chill thread, your amongst chill people.

Noted. Now please, if you’re gonna do nothing but crap-post and troll, take your comments elsewhere.


Listed in that little drop-down saying “Match Discussion rules”.

I agree it was false flagging, but you had it coming at the same time. When you enter a thread full of owl fans and say “I don’t like owl” you’re not going to get a positive reaction

It’s like going into a support appreciation thread and saying you hate supports

Symm has been getting a lot of play time too… I expect her to be nerfed. I bet Blizzard’s top nerf devs are already on it.


Ok, a question, then…what are Blizzard’s top buff devs working on right now?

Lol, yeah we can’t have Symm on Hanamura lol.

I love this Mayhem video.

Swingchip and Albert run a good team.

My guess is Widow buffs.