SA Servers with several latency problems! Help US!

this is happening to me except im not brazillian? i live in north america and yet im still getting 180+ ping almost every match and i know its got something to do with overwatch cus ive tried everything i can to fix it and nothing works

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estou postando também nos perfis do twitter do jogo uma versão reduzida. mas vou postar o link também!

I’m also posting a reduced version on the game’s Twitter profiles. But I’ll post the link too!


I’m so glad I found this topic lol, because this is so frustrating, I cannot have good games ever! I will not play with such high ping, that’s unacceptable


The match latency right now in Brazil is awful, can’t play hitscan with 180~200ms. Don’t know what the problem is, but it has to be addressed ASAP.


Any updates? We are still having troubles to enjoy the game, it’s impossible to play an FPS with 200ms


I hope this issue gets resolved soon for everyone that wants to play, in my case, this situation became an opportunity to just leave behind the game a little bit.

I know my message is more offtopic than anything and I’m sorry about it.


I agree too, choose which region we wanna play. The problem its EC2 is server loading balacing used for OW scale up/down amount of servers when change amount of players

I stopped playing, i will return only when SA server returns, its impossible to play any match with high latency. If this get same solution in OW1 last season (yeah this problem happened before two times) will took same amount of time to fix aka ~ 2 months.

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Two months? Why would it take so much to fix something that was working just fine before?


The problem still persists, Impossible to play with the penalty ON.

One thing I noticed though is that by late night,like 12 AM (BRT) the game managed to find servers to play, it was everything normal. Maybe It’s because there’s less players online idk.

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Today I already have 3 matches in a row with the correct server, gbr1. Guess they’ve fixed?

Edit: Never mind, just got luck. Back to the otr1


PLEEEASEEE BLIZZZZZ! C’mon fix it! I stopped playing ranked because of this. About half of my matches for the last week or so were on 200+ ping. And when I logged in last Tuesday to check the new season I tried the Practice Room 4 times and 3 QP matches, all had 200+ ping. I cannot leave or you’ll time me out so I had to endure that until I got fed up and closed the game. I sent you a report to let you know of the issue and I got back “check your connection”, like ???.


I mean… it’s too hard to let us choose in wich server we want to play? (like other FPS). I mean it, like… I don’t know, maybe it’s too hard. I think it would be the easiest and most logical solution but as I said before, I have no idea.

It’s never been changed, same issue as the release of the game and some seasons after were more visible as it is now. Just probably mitigated with more servers, never truly fixed.

It’s the same implementation, not sure if they do this to speed up queue, or just old/bad implementation, I just had 3 good low ping games and after another queue a 15min suspension due to have blocked high ping servers.

Increase that to another 1h suspension, due to 1 good match and a block after. Not sure why on the idea of suspending for not wanting to play on high ping server. Just bad, blizzard.


Please blizzard for latam bring back sac and sae servers

Yeah this was avg time they took to fix this same problem in OW1

same problem here in argentina. tried the test


please we need this fixed soon :frowning:

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I just wanted to note that the issue has been minimized a lot for me in last 24h. I’ve been getting SA servers regularly now.


Got some problems too, but in my case, I can’t even log in to the server - PingPlotter reports 100% packet loss to SA servers

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me too, today all the matches with the normal ping, FINNALY some decent gameplay, thanks for the support here! =D

(and please, reactivate the brazilian forum, aparently have no one mod left there!)


I think this is a good place to share this.

I’ve done my part and shared packet lost and contacted support with all info they needed. I’m based in Jeddah, Saudi and never had an issue before till a month ago more or less ( right after an update that was released )

I used to get a constant solid 40-50 Latency
But now it seems like i get a consistent 100 ish which seems like a problem in SA servers that’s for sure especially that i tried multiple networks and know for a fact that i have a great connection
500mbps D , 22 ping , 70mbps UP SpeedTest

I feel like tech teams need to look more into this as i met people in games who started to have such issues as i do. I tried the new MW3 Beta and I don’t have issues with Latency

Thank you.


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