?'s for Reevaluation; Short circuiting

  • Is In-World Text in the same Line as Effects and HUD Text, as in being Reevaluated by the Client NOT the Server ?

  • Would Creating a the same HUD once for Every Slot in Team 1 and Team 2 (Ongoing Global) and once for the Event Player (Ongoing Each Player), result in Every Client Reevaluating…

2; 13 or 24 Huds ?

(2: The Client only Reevaluates only those HUD texts that are Visible to the Client)
(13: The Client Reevaluates Every HUD from the Global Rule and a single Player Rule)
(24: The Client Reevaluates Every HUD no Matter if the Current Client can see the HUD being Evaluated)

Why I ask.

I know having 12 HUD Texts in a Global Rule results in the Server doing more Work in the beginning, but doing less as a Player Leaves / Another Player Previous Players Slot. Since the HUD doesn’t need to be destroyed / created for Every Player that Joined / Left.

  • Do ‘Effect’, ‘In-World Text’ and ‘HUD’ Evaluations Short Circuit like ‘Or’ and ‘And’ Values.
    I.e. If it Evaluates “Visible to and String” and Visible to Evaluation already results in False, the String doesn’t Evaluate.
  • In which order does the ‘Workshop’ Evaluate ‘Or’ / ‘And’ Conditions ?

1 Top to Bottom (The Order you look at when Editing said Condition / Action or 1-0, 1-1; 2-0, 2-1)
2 First of Each then the Lower ones (1-0, 2-0; 1-1, 2-1
3 Some other ~fancy way~

If the Workshop Interpretr is written in C/C++ or is C/C++ like it should be Bottom to Top, means the last entry is evaluated first. The Options you have in there you mentioned are bitflags or enums and therefore bitwise operations are handled internally in its core.


I hope this is relevant…

Its kind of relevant, but at that quote they mentioned the conditional case where booleans are involved booleans in comparision statements have generally short circuiting especially in the wokshop plane. For the Render Taret HUD widgets the Reevaluation options are not boolean they are bitflas or enums and have operations for matching bits, adding bits or removing bits internally. The workshop has no bitwise oeprations.