Role Queue Update

Let’s just take a step and ask what that wall of text actually addressed. You even have a forum MVP asking a question that was ignored.

Personally, I am concerned that they are spinning the median queue time as an average queue time.


No offense, but that sounds like such a cop-out answer. There are easily cases where it is the DPS who are under-performing and can be blamed for the team’s loss. I’ve had several placement matches wherein the enemy had a Pharah and neither of my team’s DPS could handle her. Why? Because they refused to switch off of Symm/Mei/Doomfist. By the time they did switch to a hit-scan (e.g. McCree) it was already less than 30 seconds left and the objective so far in favor of the enemy that it didn’t matter.

There’s only so much a tank or even a healer can do to work on improving their game when it still comes down to the DPS playing a heavy role in doing… DPS. An Ana, Baptiste, Zen could try to heal and DPS, sure, and many do, but if the support are the ones who have to end up handling a Pharah because the DPS can’t, well, it’s not exactly “unfair” blame, is it?


That does not make any sense, if the DPS can’t play hitscan and are busy doing their jobs elsewhere, what is stopping you from going Baptiste and taking her out if you perceive her to be a grave threat? Therein lies where a team effort is a team effort and you did not do what you felt was the best to achieve the win… And project that onto the DPS that noticed the issue too late. Because sometimes Pharah is not an overcentralizing threat. Oftentimes professionals “counter” her by winning the team fight before she does too much damage.

  1. Nerf double shield, not sym. Not a fan of sym, but you cant deny that this is the one thing shes good against, and even she struggles to break all the necessary shields. If anything, nerf her ult so it stops being triple shields at times.

  2. Putting equal SRs across all roles just because theyre GM is a bad move, and i mean really really bad. Im a 4.4k peak sup player, can play tank at around 4.2, but have never played dps in a ranked game in my life except for maybe stall (Mei, tracer, df to get to point). I should absolutely not under any condition be placing 4.1k on DPS or even close. Place me diamond MAX. It is unfair not just to me, but to the teammates im playing with who expect a 4.1k dps, but instead get a straight up plat level one. It honestly gives me a reason NOT to even attempt placing on dps because of this. It ruins matchmaking and enflates/deflates certain sr populations because of this.


So you now punish high sr with double shield and que times that can exceed 60 minutes

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Lots of great information for those who are still skeptical about role queue. It’s a vast improvement. Thanks for the update! I can’t wait for Role Queue to arrive in Quickplay; Competitive is too stressful for me as I have some pretty bad ladder anxiety, so I’m incredibly excited to finally get to play with Role Queue in a relaxed environment. The matches that I’ve played on PTR with Role Queue were some of the best I’ve ever had, and it’s wonderful to have it guaranteed that I’ll get to play as my preferred role and have fun. September 1st can’t come soon enough!


The results of your matches in the Role Queue Beta are not being thrown out and will be used by the matchmaking systems to help determine your skill in season 18.

What the blog post was trying to explain is that the Role Queue Beta season’s stats in your player profile will only be available for a limited time, and they will not be added to your career competitive totals that you can see when you choose “ALL COMPETITIVE SEASONS” in your career stats.


Then why are hard stuck plats since season 2 only began climbing after they started one tricking brig?


I have played a lot of games during this beta period and I can say without a doubt there is a huge issue with heal and tank mains heavily under-performing on DPS. I have seen way more than two dozen profiles where on DPS the person had already dropped 400+ SR on that role. Meanwhile, their other roles remained close to their placement start. It doesn’t feel fun queuing into a game and praying you are the team that gets two actual DPS players.


Well, wish you were more up front about this before all of the people throwing in my games vomited out “shut up, this season doesn’t count, nobody cares lol” but glad to know what progress i have made will stick.


I’m very curious what this will end up being.

Best I could come up with was either reducing the amount of DPS in those skill tiers by awarding them less SR for wins for Plat and above.

Or awarding tanks/healers more SR for wins for Diamond and above.
With the SR boosts for Tanks/Healers being advertised on the Role selection screens.
(Because lootboxes and coins don’t motivate those players, but SR gains do.)

Only other approach I could see working is to matchmaker one of each GM DPS with nearly identical skills/heroes, into each team of 5 less skilled teammates. As an MVP+5 mirror match.
(And then work that downwards, to clear up some space).

It still did not count. They are throwing out the stats for some reason. So… What does it matter?

why have you lied about role que beta season sr not mattering whats the point of lying to your community “The results of your matches in the Role Queue Beta are not being thrown out and will be used by the matchmaking systems to help determine your skill in season 18.”


why is it labelled a beta then? that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.


…he literally just said the results for this competitive season aren’t being thrown out.


He just said the stats were thrown out… Like, reread it? Rofl.

Good to know my 600 SR drop will count towards the next season lmfao. Absolutely killed my interest in playing comp being stuck in a rank where I don’t belong.


My guess is those results are being averaged together, as a range of data. But not applied to your account specifically.

Just a bunch of datapoints in a scatterplot with 20x variables.

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Role Queue has made this game so much more toxic. Pre-Role Queue, if there was a leaver the team could adjust to at least put up a fair fight. Did we always win? No, but we at least had a chance. Close to half of my games played since Role Queue rolled out has had a leaver, usually it’s a dps. It is nearly impossible to recover from a lost player when you can’t rearrange your team. Either Role Queue needs to allow changing roles in the event you have a leaver, or there needs to be drastic reductions to SR lost when a team has a leaver. I’m done playing until something changes. This update has taken nearly all the fun of playing this game from me. A majority of people in the games I play agree with me.


Yet still puts gold players agains diamond players
Such balanced sr rating i must say.