Role Queue for Quick Play? Bad decision

Role Queue could be fun - but it should not replace normal Quick Play. It completely destroys player/class versatility and makes it impossible to switch roles as team needs change.

This change is embarrassing, and Blizzard should be ashamed.



Go play quickplay classic. What’s that? It’s empty? Yes because it’s trash.


Counter-point: Role queue for Quick Play? Good decision.

Games are so much more consistently enjoyable.


Agree to disagree. I never had trouble finding a match, fwiw.


Perhaps for you. That’s why there should be an option. We now have zero flexibility.


Tried it once, gladly went back and waited 5-10mins for a structured game.

I’m not the biggest flex player, but its better than having player X demand me to swap of dps and play main tank bc he thinks he’s a better dps and I’m obviously aware on how to play main tank.

In role Q nobody loses his mind bc I dared to select a non tank/support hero.

Always feared to play ow before role Q bc i am not that guy who fires up ow to play exclusively tank/support (which was a really bad attitude before role Q as ylu already knew, you’ll get 4+ dps mains wanting to play dps. But with tanks and heals.


There is an option. QP and QPC.


And you now have no option either way. You shouldn’t listen to demands anyway. :wink: People can request nicely.

Its more the fact now the team doesn’t have to fight over who goes non dps. :sweat_smile:


I just wished I could somehow warmup and not fully cool down during the que.

Thinking about enabling skirmish tbh. Never thought I’d say this.


Quick play classic is so fun now, less toxic, bad tanks thinking they can roll 5 DPS Comps…Reaper has never been so much fun.

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QP is now playable. That makes it a good decision. Quickplay classic is where you can go now to mess around and play a mode that doesn’t care about comps or winning.


No they are not, it’s worse bc now they just cram a bunch of randoms against each other and totally removed any matchmaking. Have not had a single match that was not a steamroll bc an entire group of lvl 500+ diamonds are put against a team of solo players that are lvl 1-50. It’s honestly a horrible experience atm.

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Indeed. And “classic” should be the default and the Role Queue part of the arcade.

QP was playable before. Toxic people will be toxic everywhere. People will argue and whine no matter what happens. Player freedom shouldn’t have to suffer because of it.

QP before role queue was utter garbage. QP Classic is trash, too.


Comp has role queue, so regular Quickplay should as well. They try to have QP be very close to comp.

Old Quickplay was not fine for many, many people.


My experience has been the polar opposite. Even my losses aren’t as frustrating because they’re actually close games nine times out of ten. I still see the occasional stomp in either direction, of course, but it was much worse pre-2-2-2.


You should tell that to the people I get matched with. 90% of my qp classic matches have at least 1 person complaining about team comp.

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I never had a problem with it.

RQ isn’t fine for many. Check out the responses to this thread, for examples.

Probably the genuine flex players trying to hold onto their flexing playstyle, begging the “i play what I want. It’s just QP, who cares about team comp” crowd to be cooperative. Which is a fool’s errand.

Most of them will eventually either give that up and mostly play role queue or quit, because being a flex player in that mess is just asking for a bad time. And all that will be left are the trolls. Same thing happened to No Limits.

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Which is why there are two options.

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no how bout qp matches comp so people can have a place to prepare for it.

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