Role Queue enabled for Competitive Season 18!

They did fix the issue that was present during the initial launch of Season 18, where MMR wasn’t being respected by the Matchmaker and everyone was just being thrown in together regardless of SR.
From what we know, they’ve been tracking role based MMR for months and have that data to go on if you didn’t play during the beta .
You don’t want them to reset MMR. It would have a similar result to the Season 18 launch, with bronze and GM players all thrown into lobbies together. The experience wasn’t pleasant for anyone.

There also seems to have been some sort of adjustment for those who placed during the initial Season 18 launch. I placed 2434 before Season 18 was disabled the first time, but on the new launch, I had been bumped up to 2625.


Hey thanks for Season 18!

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I’d be so much more happier now if they revert quick play to how it was. Yes there’s quick play classic in arcade, but that’s arcade though. It’s not going to be there every day. Plus you can’t get achievements in arcade and since I’m on Xbox I like getting achievements


i’d just like to say. we didn’t need this in quick play. the game was fine. sure put it in comp. but remove it in quick play please. it’s just an unnecessary limitation


For all the people complaining about quickplay, there is quickplay classic (permanently) in arcade. Just go and play that. If enough people think the role queue for official quickplay is as bad as you say, then you should have no problems finding games?


I’m so glad that my garbage MMR from the “beta” season counts towards my placements for S18… Not. Ugh why even call it a beta?

Wait times are really short there right now and the games are really fun. Unlike all other RQ games right now. What a terrible job the team did with this mess. Are they a public corp?

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They’ve been tracking role MMR for months, before role queue was implemented, in an attempt to place people more accurately when it did go live. Wouldn’t it therefore make sense to also track MMR in a mode in which role queue is actually being enforced? The role queue beta matches would more accurately reflect your skill with a role than games from the previous system.

They’ve explained why they called it a beta: it was a brief 3-week season used to test their role queue implementation. Competitive stats will not be reflected in your career profile.

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No, but the MMR from that garbage season DOES matter. And that’s the problem. The beta, in silver, was absolutely horrible. Throwers, leavers, and/or smurfs in every match. And because I decided to continue playing, now I’ll place low silver in season 18 because of that trash. Meanwhile some guy I played 7 games with (both on my team and enemy team) who threw in every match and admitted to doing so in voice comms, is gold right now and not just banned from competitive? How is that okay? How is that a good skill system?


Congrats Wyoming! Cheers

what do you mean ruined the game

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Role queue is great.

But it would have been even better if those of us who unfortunately placed during the bugged season could have played our placements. Instead of just having our SR adjusted to what our S17 placement was. Makes the 100 games of Role Queue Beta played pretty much pointless.

exactly, because in competitive i know the map before i pick the role i want to play … wait a second ^^!


Why!? Please elaborate.

You said yourself, you have to pick just the role and NOT the hero. Also previously nobody was picking for instance, a healer over a damage dealer just cos of a certain map but just cos no one else wanted to play as one. And you can see that now by the striking difference between QP and comp. In QP is more luck than skill whilst in comp is way more about choices made before, no one is playing a character on which he has less affinity just cos no one else wouldn’t fill that role.


enforced roles it limits all the choices and compotitions that can be made maybe some pepole would like to give away theyre roles cause they wanna play something else! also u have locked the profiles of the accounts to protect the noobs to make them play the roles that they wont be efficient! and now u force us to play certain roles specialy locking the other ones! that makes no sense blizard !

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support que was shorten dps que got way higher !

I honestly would love this game far more, if everyone was forced to climb out of a bronze every season… If you good, you will climb to the 4-4.5k+ mark… If not, well, you will stop where you belong. Better players will get obvious boosts in SR, like 100 per win to rush them up faster. Whereas average players will get 20-50, depending on performance per game, and it would eventually even out. Probably take like a week for everyone to find their place, but oh well, at least it would probably be more accurate.

Yeah man i agree with you. When i boring in comp, i play qp. But now we have 2 competitive mode. Like i mean people play qp, like they are play competitive

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How so? It could just as well be a few months.

I think it would be a lot less accurate as bronze and gm players are in the same games.