Role Queue Compromise

Hopefully that means someone up there knows that the TP is what needs to be looked at next!


Arcadium, what is Live Ops?

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I most play Comp, and tried a lot of LFG, so those are short for me.

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Looks like a conference there anyway.

People don’t play those heroes because they don’t want to. It’s obvious that they don’t want to force anyone into anything.


Would have said this sooner but some reason the reply button was not working on my phone… (CURSES)

Jeff I’m exactly the same, I always flex fill roles as healer (a LOT because most people don’t want to play healer) but when I get the chance I do enjoy playing DPS. It would suck if the MM always forced me to be a healer just because I was always being a good sport, thanks for keeping our kind of players in mind with your design decisions.

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Jeff, just want to say.

For all the crap we (including myself) have given you guys, it’s good to see you being so active on the forums and other places again.


Having long queue times as a Damage main might make you WANT to learn a healer or tank to get games faster.

That’s not forcing you to switch roles. It’s just the game encouraging you


Jeff, are you going to keep being a Stan Lee-esque villain in the comics and shorts and tapestries?

I just wanted to say how happy I am to see you guys actually responding to suggestions, concerns and questions in the forums.

I know the forums can be a scary place, and we appreciate you stepping up and communicating with us again. We really missed that.


Personally I like how LoL does their role queue. It forces you to play multiple roles, since you can’t pick only one in the role queue (like you can, with say WoW), but it lets you choose what role you’d prefer, with a main role and an off-role.

And if it fills you onto your off-role, in future queues you have an improved/guaranteed chance of getting your main role. This ensures that people who play popular roles don’t have absolutely massive queues.

If we translated it to Overwatch roles, you’d have the option of “Tank/DPS/Healer/Flex” and you could choose “Flex” as your main role and get the fastest queues, or you could do something like “DPS/Tank” and the game would give you Tank, but prioritize DPS, and if you did get Tank, you’d have a higher DPS priority in future roles.


Have you guys considered that you queue up with different priority for different roles? Like lets say i’m a dps player, but if its necessary i’m willing to flex to support. So i queue with dps priority 1, support priority 2 and tank priority 3.
So in case i dont get a dps spot in a reasonable queue time, the game will give me a support spot.


That ! :point_up:

Cant the Role Queue co exist with the solo queuers?
I mean you could make a UI that creates six stacks with those roles (a soft/lite version of the LFG) and then queue them on regular comp for example.

That way they would most likely play against other six stacks and the rest of us could duo etc.

Good for everyone i guess?

Oh, misunderstood. That typically is what happens in MMOs, so it’s a probability.

Really appreciate this increase in communication lately (bonus points for being about role queue). Hope you (Blizzard) keep it up!

PS: Hey, now you have an excuse to get rid of CP from Competitive. I know how you don’t like that :grinning:

my suggestion is way simpler, just force people to group up in competitive mode using the lfg too.

but simplify it, scrap leaders and group browser, just make a premade group fill it up and start the game as soon as the group is full

side effect, competitive mode would always be 6stack v 6stack

As a Tank main, I can assure you I’ve have some choice words for you about that.

Yes, I like Tanking, more specifically I prefer off-Tanking; this doesn’t mean by any stretch I want to just do that.

You know what aberrant behaviours it would promote with people trying to avoid being ‘reinforced’? Just more straight up refusal to fill those roles lest they end up stuck on them forever.

I already hate the idea of role queue precisely because there’s no sign of defining playing D.Va, Zarya, Wrecking Ball, from playing Reinhardt - which I’m endlessly asked to do anyway. Straight up forcing it on me is probably the one way out of any you’ll get me to stop playing altogether.



I don’t really care what you guys think about doing or any brainstorming. I want to hear about what you’re actually going to implement. Make a decision already and fix your game.