Role Q BUG that isn't fixed. 1 year later

So here is the scoop.


  • It is blatantly obvious that it is bugged and nobody from the engineering department wants to address this. or is WILLING to address this.

2 DPS, 2 healers, all with 500+ hours on this game and Silver, Gold and Platinum ratings understand how to play the game.

2 tanks that we are given are below Bronze and probably the hidden SR rating we call “charcoal”.

Role Q means we have locked roles. Today after playing a match (YET AGAIN), things got REALLY out of hand. Heck, I even started flaming, and normally I refuse to stoop that low. I just finally had it.

(Forgive me Father Kaplan for I have sinned).

All of us have fairly high SR rating and Playtime vs the 2 new tanks that just bought the game. The abusive chat got out of hand and it was just outright frustrating that 2 tanks in these roles have less than 10 hours logged on the game. They literally just bought the game. They even SAID they just bought the game.

I get it, workers are on furlough and lay-offs are occurring. But last year, when the world was “okay”. They had this opportunity to fix this.

Nubs have a place they need to be and that is OUTSIDE of "General Population’. For whatever reason, and time constraints. To build a match for role jail is already awful. It isn’t realistic. Especially when the player is so bad at their role. That the system couldn’t find someone to fill the slot in the first place and nobody can play a tank or healer with KNOWLEDGE of the game.

But today; it got out of hand. Everyone was “bagging” on these people in chat. Basically wanting them to LEAVE and they didn’t. (I assume they aren’t going to either). But it became so abusive and so toxic. That I am certain that IF these players really ARE new to the game. They more than likely will NEVER return to play YOUR game or spend money on Blizzard Merch, Lootboxes, and support YOUR company!

It is a bug, and nobody from the company ever forwards the community feedback to the people “working behind the curtain” in Emerald city.

I’d make a danged effort to head on over to whatever computers control your servers and the NOC. Tell the person at the control to get scripting on THRESHOLDS for new accounts and get with the program. So you stop LOSING money. Please fix this bug in the next patch and set a threshold.

Group up if you want to prevent this, this isn’t a bug since MM doesn’t take playtime into consideration.

Don’t flame, don’t try to get suspended (again)

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Here is the harsh honest truth.

This game isn’t a social gathering game like it use to be. More often than not. Most people have to fly solo. I’d just flat-out put this. I have a Commercial Drivers license and if I allowed someone training with me, that had less 10 hours behind the wheel of a truck and had them sit in the driver’s seat of a 379 peterbilt with a CAT motor, and a 10 speed eaton fuller transmission. Having them pull 80,000lbs plus at the wheels in rush hour traffic on the 405. They’d more than likely wreck, stall the truck, or snap the driveline in the middle of the road. I’d probably spend 10-15 years in PRISON for it.

Match maker can do its job and needs thresholds just like any other game. Just think. Maybe I formed the group. But these 2 didn’t? I’d say that is a MAJOR turn-off to new players that don’t know about grouping yet either.

It is a 2-way street here.

  • Turn-offs to new players.
  • lack of system games for players. and lets be honest. most people are NOT pleasant to Q with anymore.

So you agree with me that the Matchmaking lacks things it should take into account?

If it’s missing something then you should suggest it in #general-discussion or #competitive-discussion, it’s not being disfunctional so it’s not a bug.

I’d say that anything that doesn’t function correctly is a bug. I mean looking at Webster’s here and leet speak a bug is anything one perceives as an issue created by another programmer and/or hardware manufacturing facility.

  • I used ROHS compliant solder on a component and it shorted out. “Dang it is bugged”.

  • This system is allowing for a person with no experience to play on this server, with a bunch of Grand masters, or masters "Dang, that… might be bugged :wink: "

  • This person dropped into a match, but spawned underneath the map. “That is a bug”.

All computers are flawed, all of us humans have flaws. Nobody is perfect and sometimes mistakes can and are always made. But we can work fast, diligent and with tactfulness in order to solve problems within a reasonable time frame, and/or with intent to better our futures".