RIP Ana (Really frustrated at the neglect)

It’s window dressing.

Its nice stuff to have, don’t get me wrong. Yet its only the stuff we’ve been asking for since day one. None of these buffs address her issue of survivability that’s steadily been creeping up since her big nerf. Further they’ve outright said it, that they’re NOT going to do anything to help her survive.

Each day and with each added patch or new hero Ana gets weaker and harder to field. I predict that once the gloss of “Ana got a buff” wears off here all the people that found her too hard to play with will still find her just as difficult and that her numbers wont improve.

If these are the ONLY buffs Ana’s going to get then nothing at all will have been done to put the hero back into play as a mainstay support on par with other supports. She’ll still be considered suboptimal and a throw.

I honestly dislike the fact that they wont help her defend herself any.


i think geoff wrote it will be in the next set of ptr stuff ^^

100% agree

Just saying “Oh but she has Range, CC, and Anti-heal, so she needs weaknesses” is kinda bull when Ana already has more weaknesses than the other supports put together.

Ana is the only support that can’t heal out of LOS; every other support has a grace period where their heals still work outside of LOS.

Ana is the only support who’s ultimate does NOT help the support using it. Imagine using Trans but Zen isn’t immune to damage, or if Sound Barrier didn’t apply to Lucio as well.

Ana is still the only support who has literaly no way to heal past barriers; even Lucio’s aura, though blocked, can still heal people who pass by enemy barriers because of the LOS thing from above.

They say just build around Ana? Why would people do that when Mercy and Moira can fit into pretty much team comp and do their job?

Like look at the current meta; Reinhardt, Zarya, Brigittie, Zen, Mercy, and Hanzo

You expect Ana to compete with any of that? All the armour? all the barriers and mobility?

So much for Ana being the “best tank healer” when even Moira is being swapped around with Mercy.


I can’t get logic like: “Yeah, Ana can’t heal herself and there is second healer for that, Ana can’t escape and there is tanks for her”. Lmao, sniper need to stick with team? Okay, imagine Widowmaker to stick with team then, it’s stupid.
Give hook to granny and heal passive that depends on aim, not auto regen.


Lord I hate that “Oh there’s a second healer” thing so much.

Which support wont either have to sacrifice their single target heal, put themselves out of position to get to Ana, or just simple can’t always be there to patch her up?

Mercy has to leave the front lines to come back to you, Same with Moira
Lucio has to leave the team to reposition to Ana
Brigitte and Zen only have single target long range stuff, taking away from the team

It’s just crazy

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I think this is the end for Ana. Devs think that babysit sniper with low mobility and very long kit CD is normal, and it’s very sad. They even ignore shields problem. Until devs change their minds there will be no place for granny, especially in dive meta.
I dunno how to draw devs attention to this topic. May be they buff Nanoboost, JUST give immun for stuns to boosted target like Orisa’s Fortify armor skill.


“Hello, can anyone here go Symmetra? I would like to be able to play Ana if that’s alright…”



Ana should be the least impacted support by Brigette, you should be far away from the fight if you aren’t using that advantage you defeat the whole purpose of using Ana over Moira or Mercy.

Maybe that’s more viable now, but still kinda crappy since there’s shields galore, when this thread was made there’s no way you could stay back and heal from a distance even though that’s what Ana’s whole playstyle was intended to be. But tracer and genji and Winston would prevent Ana’s to play that far away. It was better to be in the middle of the fight and hope people ignored you for others.


Also Geoff saying stuff like: We don’t want to remove Ana’s weakness so we’re not giving her mobility.

While buffing Hanzos mobility to lower his weakness…

This makes as much sense as my ex girlfriends reasoning.


That’s what bugs me the most - Hanzo already had the mobility necessary to perform his job, but they still gave him the jump on a low cooldown aside from the increased projectile speed, lowered ability cooldown and fricken machine-gun. But Ana? Nah, it would be terrible if she could actually do stuff like being viable.


Hanzo was already a mobile character. At least be honest in your complainings.

Butbut Tripletank meta :roll_eyes:

Everything that should’ve been said, was said countless times already.

I appreciate the fact that they’re finally looking at Ana but those buffs won’t do much I’m afraid.

Removing his Scatter increased his weakness in close quarters. So they gave him something that is even better than Scatter was.

And yes of course, his mobility was better than Anas ever was, that’s why it is even more insulting for Ana players who constantly ask for some kind of mobility.

Especially insulting after seeing her highlight intro where she clearly makes a big leap.

No clue why you think there was something dishonest in my complains.

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Hopefully listening to the casters at OWL, seeing all the forums posts, even the pros

They’ll actually open their eyes and see that Ana DOES need more than what they’re giving her currently

Like when I hear “They need to swap the Ana, she’s worthless” as a legit thing that someone at the highest levels of play can say, there really needs to be more done to fix that.

People say “Oh it’s just not the right meta” even though we’re almost in a mirror copy of what 3 Tank used to be, yet Ana is no-where to be seen


It’s already was a long time. They needed two years to notice and rework Hanzo, Symm and Torb. I am afraid that they will need one or two years to see that Ana is worst in all points than other healers.
Aim required character is no rewarded and being a trash, that not right.


Well I mean with not just the forums saying; “These Ana buffs aren’t enough” now maybe they’ll actually open their eyes for a second and actually notice Ana IS in a terrible spot and more ammo is NOT going to help

Like someone at the show last night had a “Buff Ana” sign

People KNOW she’s in desperate need of a REAL buff; and it’s so simple to me it makes me feel ill knowing how much better Ana would be with a healing passive.

Like it’s just crazy to me to know; that Ana would see so much more team value, if she didn’t always have to use her grenade on herself.

It would actually boost her damage done, ult charge, healing done. Actually make her a solid main healer option.

Like Mercy and Moira

Who require a 3rd of the effort to play compared to Ana


It makes certain pairing of heroes mandatory. Who wants that? I think we all would rather have some freedom of choice when it comes to being somewhat self sufficient.

It’s like they want granny to have a nanny.

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Last night was pretty sad to watch.

I mean, Sleepy was trying his hardest to make Ana work, but as Monte & Doa said Nano Boost was useless and couldn’t really do much of anything.

That was painful to hear…“Ana isn’t working, they need to swap to Mercy”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t part of the draw in Overwatch is being able to create diverse team comps instead of being restricted to a specific strategy?


Even at the highest levels, Ana isn’t being played right. Her positioning shouldn’t always be to the rear of her team. Yes there are barriers, so how do you navigate them? Yes she’s a main healer, but how do leverage her kit to make an aoe off healer even better?

Sleep dart for initiation
Biotic grenade the scrum to both boost healing (Brig and Lucio auras or make Moira into a mega-healer for 4 secs while you dps and sleep) and prevent enemy healing of triple support (all that healing means nothing if it’s turned off and they’re all 200 hp, Brig 250)
And she’s doing this all from a comfortably safe distance, possibly even in or near cover.

Ppl are seriously sleeping on Ana’s very real value in this current meta in her current state.