Rialto hits tomorrow, what other changes do you think they'll sneak in?

Title. The PTR cycle is complete, and as with any update, there’s a chance blizz will sneak in balance changes and bug fixes since they have to do console certification anyway.

Personally I’m hoping that the Hanzo rework hits, since if Briggs doesn’t get nerfed in the same patch we need all the burst damage we can get. Also:

Don’t think we ever got a clear answer as to who that someone else was. Still hoping it’s Rein or Ana, and that it comes in this patch.

If Rialto is hitting it’s extremely likely that Hanzo and the other balance changes are gonna hit too.

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Probably everything on the PTR will go live with Rialto, so Lucio changes, Genji nerfs, Tracer nerfs, Brigitte nerfs, everything else.

Yeah I imagine its all coming in. Cannot wait, the PTR never popped so I hardly got to play Rialto…

Isn’t the “someone else” pretty clearly Hanzo?

Older posts already mentioned Hanzo and also Sombra, Doomfist, Mei, Hero 27/Briggs, and Symmetra

it is;
All PTR changes except Horizon Lunar colony.