Reverting to Mass Res - And the Common Misconception

No, most people hated it, they just hated it quietly. It was an incredibly cheap ability with extreme power and nearly no counterplay. Nobody liked it except Mercy players.

Also, I think once you added cast time, removed invuln, etc. and made it more fair for the other team, youd have something more like e-rez than mass rez anyway.

  1. Mass rez was bad
  2. Blizzard said Valk was gonna be the new ult.
  3. I prefer chain healing/power up
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  1. That’s your opinion. Not fact.
  2. Blizzard never said anything, Jeff did. Regardless, there is no confirmation that Valkyrie is going to be her ult permanently.
  3. That’s fine, I prefer Mass resurrect.

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A revert would mean mass rez tho.

That’s literally what makes them hypocrites. Because they use their fun as an argument, but don’t care about Mercy’s.

Mercy is barely Mercy.
They had to nerf one of her identity and she gets rid of her other main aspects while ulting.

And most of them were op or impossible to code.

Can you stop being passive-agressive ?


You’re assuming the opinions of people who didn’t care enough to give their opinion. Unless you can read the minds of millions of people at once, you have no basis upon which to make this claim.

No, it would be completely different. It would be an earned resource instead of a 30-second cooldown, it would be questionable whether or not it was a good idea to use it for a single downed ally, and it would most importantly affect multiple targets instead of just one.

You should have a look at Titanium’s thread Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State. Specifically, check out the “A Solution” section down at the bottom of his post, which describes in great detail exactly the kind of changes I have been proposing to the Resurrect ult for a very long time. I’m not crazy about the Pacify ability on E and would prefer a mini Valkyrie instead, but it sounds like you haven’t invested much time into actually reading up on the great suggestions for the hero the community has had beyond #RevertMercy.


Then please remind me how hard it is to play support?

They reverted her healing recently… So not exactly.

I’m sorry, where in my post did I say that I found playing support “difficult?”

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Reverting Mercy back to mass rez wouldn’t help with her healing. Chain healing ensures that teammates nearby won’t die sooner.

Impact of chain healing = impact of juggling single beam.


Good Mercy’s don’t need it. Most Mercy’s don’t need it.


You would be correct, however the problem with Mercy was never her healing. In fact, she is still arguably one of the best healers now. So I don’t think her not having Valk on Q would hurt her all that much…

I think having mass res as an ultimate, tweaking it to be resource based so that you earn a res with a specific amount of healing done, add LOS and vulnerability, and then making Valyrie the E move, with tweaks to balance it’s duration (and maybe range) is the most optimal form of a revert + rework. Yes, this is something I would think would not only give her a lot more impact, but once again allow her to be both balanced and fun not only to play with, but also against.

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Considering that Valkyrie either:

  • Heals the affected ally(s) too little to sustain them through focus-fire
  • Heals targets that don’t need healing, resulting in no actual benefit

A single-target beam on a player halfway-decent with Mercy will yield pretty much the same results as a Mercy in Valkyrie. Bonus points of we’re talking 60 HPS versus 50 HPS.

Furthermore, this claim:

Can be disputed statistically.

Mercy’s average healing/game as of June 28th, 2017 (pre-rework): 11905.
Mercy’s average healing/game as of August 12th, 2017 (pre-rework): 11912.

Mercy’s average/game from this past week? 10913.

I think an increase in healing output by 1000 healing/game is pretty significant.

  • Chain healing doesn’t encourage the Mercy player to prioritise healing. It rewards the player for not using Mercy’s kit to its full potential, and it doesn’t encourage people to learn how to correctly prioritise targets.
  • Juggling beams to prioritise your target can virtually reproduce the effects of chain healing by maximising your healing output.
  • Chain healing is powerless against focus fire.

Chain healing doesn’t deserve to exist in this game.


So if Mercy really that good for the ult economy and gave such big advantage against bad ult economy, shouldn’t she have been a must pick then?

This is how you should be using Valkyrie. Honestly, people seem to only want to use it as Zen’s Transcendence.

I still don’t see how Valk promotes bad ult economy.

Have the initial beam target receive more healing than the rest.

Between 2 heroes maybe. Not for the whole team.

You really want mercy to be reverted, right? Well, at least to have her mass rez ultimate?

I will give you props for giving it your all. Your username, your very very long post and dedication. You must have really liked playing that Mercy.

I’m sorry, but I really don’t think it will be reverted. The devs seems to want to make the current Mercy work.


They sure want to but right now, that dedication is evidently absent.


How did you find these numbers? Not disputing their accuracy, but I’ve been trying to find similar things for many other heroes.

That’s the thing Crusher… Mercy with mass res was never a must pick until her ult was given invincibility. Without the invincible buff, she was no more than a troll pick.

You could find this info online as well if you’re skeptical. But that was part of the misconception (and partly the reason of my thread). A lot of people mistaken Mercy 1.0 or anyone that mentions a revert back to mass res with “Mercy 1.5”, essentially the patch where she was given buffs to stay viable - because she was doing so poorly. Before such a patch, and the SR exploit being a problem after it, Mercy was NOT a must pick. She didn’t have the invincibility buffs until Feb 2017 if I recall. Before that though, she was extremely niche and underpowered, and Ana, Lucio, and Zen dominated the meta.

It was always intended to be a push or sustain, but now that her healing is reverted back at 50hps, her ultimate has effectively received a 10% nerf to it’s impact, which is a problem since most people agree already that it’s already arguably very weak.

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To be fair, Mercy did became a bit too strong after rework. She needed nerfs. It’s just they way how they nerfed Mercy and how often they needed to nerf Mercy that was done poorly.

To be honest, and this is an unpopular opinion, am I glad she has been brought down to the levels of other support heroes. Mercy still has issues, but she isn’t overpowered nor underpowered.