Revert Sigmas rock

Its a lot more difficult to secure kills with the lower stun time on long range rocks, and the cast time buff is barely noticeable.

I’d rather have one of the more skillful stuns added back :confused:


Honestly, I’d love to see this happen, but sadly the thing is, Sigma is actually really balanced right now. He’s middle of the pack, once he becomes meta again he’ll be very strong (and probably will be nerfed knowing the devs)

Personally, I’d love to see no cd on shield and sigma rock combo to make him feel more “fun” to play. Nerf kinetic grasp a little in exchange for that. I don’t know of many people who like that ability…


Either buff direct rock damage back to 90 or make shield cooldown much lower, either one of these would be good for him. But not both in sake of balance. Blocking earthshatter right now is super hard, basically you really hope that rein makes a big mistake or hope nobody focuses you as you can’t have your shield up, if you want to react to the shatter

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Agreed. Something has to give here

Main reason I like this nerf is that it shows devs have plans on addressing BarrierTank balance.

I wish I had that same optimism, but I barely have any faith in them after they left tanks in the state they’re in now

Something tells me they are going to look at barriers soon.

i wonder what they are gonna do.
more number tweaks or significant changes that will put overwatch on it’s head?

Probably the second one, if they can.
Since they would want to not just fix barrier tank variety, but also fix queue times.

And fixing queue times before Valorant launches would be ideal

the safer option to keep their audience would probably be to do some number tweaking.
however some significant changes could both lose them their audience but also bring people back i feel like.
the main thing i hope for it, it’s to be a healthy development.

i can’t really ask for more.

to me it seems like the game it’s still in it’s exploratory stage where it’s yet found it’s true place yet, but i feel like they are getting closer and closer by the patch.

Well, the reason I brainstormed this idea is that you can play 2-2-2 like usual, but it can also play 1-3-2, which would be a big savings in queue times.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

The only balance changes needed would be throwing out barrier tank buffs, like free candy.

I love kinetic grasp, and i’m a huge fan of the barrier cast time buff, but i’m not a fan of the rock. I generally don’t think ohk combos are fun to play against. i’d rather he have more mobility than a stun. and i agree on the don’t change him bit. he’s pretty decent.

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I agree with the OP, there was no reason to nerf his rock stun duration that scaled with distance, that was a very cool attribute to it.

I agree! The rock was SUPER satisfying to land from a distance. One of the best feelings ever :slight_smile: Now it just feels like another generic stun ability to throw out…

That’ll make him oppressive and only fun for the sigma player.

I think the casting time buff is a lot stronger than the variable stun.

Lack of mobility is rightfully one of his weaknesses. You need to know how to position as Sigma or you’ll be overrun. The old rock combo forced people to respect his space. Just like how people have to respect Hog’s hook. The rock is much more telegraphed and harder to land than Hog’s hook. However, if I had to choose between getting the combo back or removing the barrier CD, I’d pick the barrier every time. The rock just feels anemic now though which is a shame.

yeah, if he’s supposed to be a main tank with a dinky 900 hp barrier that doesn’t regen fast, at least make it faster to reposition.
and imo the real weakness of the rock is the cast time. very difficult to use reactively if you die before the rock starts moving.